And We Have Paint!

I know I just talked to you guys about how much we are in love with Sherwin Williams Super paint on Friday, but seriously- I can’t get over it. I feel like we have been gipping ourselves out of an easy and nice paint experience the past 5 years using other brands. {and NO, this is not because we are affiliated with them, I sought THEM out because of how much we love their product}.

We finally found time in the weekend to tackle painting the kitchen and dining room and it is just mind blowing how much having those rooms painted helps. It makes it feel finished {even though its totally not!}. It makes it feel like a home. Paint for walls is like a pair of Lululemon pants for a girls butt…it just makes everything look so much better than before.

Our house has already changed so much its incredible, and im so excited that its only the beginning. Ready for a trip down {4 month} memory lane? Here are some of the very first shots we have of the kitchen and dining room:

And now with some paint on the walls!

We listened to your opinion from this post, and we went with Sherwin Williams Olympus White for the grey, and went with their Extra White for the lower half of the wall and trim. The paint was like a dream. It goes on fairly thick, and takes a little while to dry, but it looks fabulous when finished. A huge benefit to this brand of paint compared to any brand we have worked with before {at least 5 others!!} was that it covers so well. It truly is freaking Super {yes, I am in fact cheesy!}

We still have a whole lot left to paint, but we are waiting on more trim to be finished  We can’t complete the trim in the family room yet because we are doing built-ins on one wall and need that finished first. I can’t wait to see this area painted though:

I also can’t wait till we get all the wainscoting finished so we can move back in some furniture and decor. The card catalog is still sitting in storage {along with about 10+ boxes of decor} just waiting patiently. We have so much stuff everywhere right now because it is normally stored in the card catalog. Oh 72 drawers, how we miss thee!

We have tutorials in the works for the door trim and crown moulding. We are definitely getting good at these things considering its house #2, and we have a million and one areas to trim out here! Hope you guys like the paint. Theres nothing better than freshly painted walls.

This is a sponsored post by Sherwin Williams. Paint was provided, opinions are my own:)


  1. says

    Painting actually makes everything fresh and clean, no matter the color. I am finishing up the painting in my condo so hopefully when that’s done, I can start to decorate the walls.

  2. Whitney L says

    Sorry to bother, but what did you use to pain the cabinets white?? We just opened escrow on a house and are going to repaint cabinets white, would love to know best way to go about it! Thanks girl!!

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