Okite Countertop Review

I should start by saying that we have no affiliation with Okite, they are simply the countertops we chose for the new house.

We have had these beauties for about four months now, so I thought it was about time to share the nitty gritty about them. {here was our first post about them, more details included on the actual makeup of the counter} After-all, they are a white counter… thats not marble…thats considerably cheaper than a lot of other options out there. So don’t you want to know if we are dancing with glee or crying in the corner over how they are holding up?!

The counters are amazing. You see, when you live in a house with animals, a baby, and a woman who loves to cook- things get messy. I try to clean the kitchen {counters- not floors..lets be honest here} every night before heading to bed, but sometimes it doesn’t get done. I have left cut lemon wedges, rings of red wine, all the worst offenders. And guess what comes on with just water the next day? Everything!

I mainly just use soap and hot water to clean the counters, and they look sparkling. There has been only one scary time with the beauty of the white. I had brought a box of produce home from Costco, put away the perishable stuff, and had to run back to work, leaving the box with a few items left in it on the counter. When I came back four hours later and moved the box there was a huge blue ink marking on the counter. Apparently a stupid pineapple had been damaged and leaked its sticky juice through the box, making the boxes ink stain the counter. I went along with my normal soap and water, and it didn’t budge. At all. And then I panicked!

Luckily I checked the Okite site real quick and read that they encouraged Soft Scrub with bleach for tough to remove stains. Sure enough, a few scrubs and we were back in business!

The white looks like a true white, the grey ‘marbling’ rangers from light grey to almost charcoal  The coloring and marbling is really beautiful:

These counters are impossible for me to photograph for two reasons. 1: I suck at photography. 2: We have a big sky light in the kitchen, which makes lighting super tricky

Overall, we are so happy we went with these. Another reason why we initially went with Okite is because, unlike most other options, you are able to purchase a half slab, which brings your cost down significantly.

If anyone is interested and has more questions, feel free to ask. Cheers to finding a great alternative to our beloved Carrara Marble.


  1. Linda says

    Your countertops are beautiful. We just found this product and are considering it for our kitchen remodel. After one year, are you still just as happy with it? How did the cost compare to other quartz’s or granite? What color name is it? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Linda,
      We still LOVE the countertops- no stains, scratches, etc. and thats with me treating them pretty poorly. Still look amazing. We love them so much that we even installed them in our recent home flip. I know it was cheaper that other options, but dont remember exaclty how much. With Okite its cheaper because you can do half slabs if needed. I dont remember the exact name we used, but I know now that they came out with an even better one, more white and looks more like marble. Hope this helps

  2. Florence says

    Hi, thank you for your post, we originally opted for these for our kitchen refit, but the company didn’t have it in stock so we nearly went for the Compaq carrara, but it compares too pale, so we are sticking to Okite and will wait a bit longer.

    • Florence says

      COMPAC carrara in real life was very difficult to view in London but managed to find a marble/granite company that had a big slab of it. My first reaction when I saw the large slab is that it was too white and not enough swirls/pattern, but very nice. Boyfriend saw the sample I brought back and he said we should defo stick to initial OKITE BIANCO CARRARA choice we paid for even if it takes a few more days as it comes from Italy. Here is my pinterest post on my kitchen makeover, very slow progress so I warn you you may fall asleep:) ahaha

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