Dining Room Reveal!

In case you don’t remember, this is how our dining room initially looked {previous owners furniture, not ours}:

And here it is currently:

Our dining room has quickly become my favorite room in our house! Just this past week it has totally taken shape and changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I love this butterfly.

In the past month we have gotten new dining room chairs, a table, and chandelier. I love each of them so much that I cant decide which is my favorite:) What do you think?  Whats your favorite?  

We aren’t done yet as with the decorating, like perhaps a different rug or some kind of piece under the drift wood art. Maybe some different accessorizing for our DIY Card catalog buffet?

The fun changes we have made in here are:

-adding wainscoting, baseboards, and crown to all the walls {check back soon for a new tutorial on how we install crown now!}

-taking out the not so pretty tile and laying down our hardwood flooring {our new flooring is Maverick hand scraped hickory}

-taking out the middle wall that was blocking the flow from the dining room in to the family room

-had all the walls smoothed out and added can lights

-painted the top half of the walls Sherwin Williams Olympus White, and the wainscoting part Sherwin Williams Extra White

This room is awesome because it is not only large, but it is now fully open to the kitchen and the family room. I love that it fits our new big table easily and with extra room to boot. For a long while we were really torn on what type of chandelier we wanted in there.  Did it need to be a long horizontal one or could we stick with a normal sized one?  Did we want to DIY it, or find a vintage classic one?

I am going to go in to all the details of our new one tomorrow{UPDATED: Schonbeck chandlier info here}, followed with posts about our table and our chairs {UPDATED: info on table and chairs here}, so be sure to come back:)

ETA- The rug is from RugsUSA, its their Marquis Ikat Knit Midnight rug. Unfortunately they just posted it as closeout, and are currently out of stock:/


  1. says

    I’m not much of a commenter, but I have to say that this room is right at home with every picture you post on Design Inspiration Monday. Very well done!

  2. says

    Just found this post via a pin on Pinterest and just WOW. I had pinned your dining room because I thought it was gorgeous and was completely drawn to it, but now that I see the before…seriously amazing vision!!!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. says

    HOOOOOOLY COW. This looks amazing! I love that I actually got to see your home in person – it’s so much easier to visualize. I love the mixture of rustic and fancy, old and new. Just lovely all around. Not that I’m surprised – you can do no wrong in my book.

  4. says

    Okay, I’m obsessed with your blog, and never comment… but this room is AMAZING. I’m trying to get my new house put together too, and this just motivated me to get my butt in gear! THANKS!

  5. Julia says

    Can you come to my house in Pembroke Ontario Canada and do my dining rooom?? Lol, I love that table and everything that goes along with it, we are not the most handiest of people! 🙂


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