Fireplace Mantle And Built-Ins Reveal

A couple months back we revealed our DIY built-ins in the family room to y’all.  We were {are} so proud of them, and at that time it was our proudest project.  Then, well then, the fireplace and built-ins got finished…and that changed everything:)

Let me take you way, way, way back to just how this room looked when we moved in:

The lovely random door {that totally scraped against the carpet when opening because it was hung too low} that leads to my parents area.  The nasty carpet.  The corner window {that I wanted to keep but knew it wouldn’t allow us to do what we wanted with the room}.  The beautiful half wall with wavy textured glass:)  This room needed a lot of help!

We had the walls smoothed out, hardwood put down, window taken out, half wall taken out, and door taken out and closed up.  Once that big stuff was taken care of, we were finally able to really tackle what we wanted!

We built this thing from the ground up, and I happen to adore the way it turned out.  We started by building the frame to accommodate the fireplace and cabinets, then up went the drywall and sconces, then the cabinets.  Once those were all up we added the fun details like the tiling the surround and installing trim and the mantle.  Followed up by the dreaded caulking, patching, sanding and finally painting.

We of course have already made some changes to it, because like any good project- it never truly is finished!  We added ‘feet’ to the front of the mantle a couple nights ago, and really feel like it makes it look much more ‘finished’.  We also are waiting on the hardware for the cabinets to come in.

So of my favorite parts of it are the fact that we now have a gas fireplace!  After much debate, and help from you guys here, I am so glad we went with gas. I also love the tile around the fireplace.  And of course, that mantle.  It is already starting to get covered with Christmas decor, and I am just giddy!  In our old home I could never put much of anything on the mantle because the TV was hung above it, but not the case here:)

So, let me hear your thoughts! Love it, or list it?  Kidding;)  But really, was it everything you thought it would be?  Favorite part?  I am just so proud of Jeremy and all the incredibly hard and detailed work he put in to this.  Lucky girl right here:)

We will have more posts as we decorate the room and add the finishing touches, but we couldn’t wait to show you.  Hope you like it.  Last photo I will leave you with is this room being used for our Thanksgiving dinner (post on details to follow this week)



  1. says

    I can’t believe the amount you guys did. It looks like a totally different room. The mantle and fireplace, built-ins, and wainscotting (?) looks amazing!

  2. Anonymous says

    this is great! looks so fabulous! i hope you plan on doing some posts that explain it all so that we can replicate your fabulousness!

  3. Anonymous says

    Wonderful work you two! This is all the same thing I like, lots of trim and glossy white paint. I think I would have gotten stuck on the corner window but you did the right thing with that.

  4. Marianne B. says

    I love the way your project turned out, it’s beautiful! I’m thinking of doing a fireplace in my living room and I’m not sure if I want to go with direct vent or ventless gas fireplace. How do you like the ventless model? Does it leave any fumes or give you a headache, etc?

    • says

      Hi Marianne,
      Thanks so much, we love it. We are glad we went ventless, mainly for cost purposes. We havent noticed any fumes or headaches, but we usually do open the window a crack for the first few minutes we have it on, just to be safe. Hope this helps

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