34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks pregnant

How far along: 34 weeks pregnant! Due September 27th. THIRD TRIMESTER IS HERE!

Total weight gain: Unknown:) Read more about why I changed this here.

Maternity clothes: I think I have ONE bottom left that fits, because it is so low rise. Luckily, summer is the season of loose tanks and maxi dresses- so i’ll be just fine:) I also bought a few cute pairs of stretchy shorts that will make me feel better about not wearing constant leggings:)

Stretch marks: Still nothing happening yet:) But I am using a combo of old and new tricks to keep them away. The Mama Mio oil I have used with the past two pregnancies has kept me almost completely stretch mark free, so i’m sticking with it. But I am also adding in a drop of Gentle Baby and Frankincense Young Living essential oils.

Sleep: Feeling pretty haggard by the end of the day, but thats to be expected:) And this past week I offically entered the phase of having to wake up to go pee. Its a phase I wasn’t looking forward to at all, but at least I went this long without it!

Best moment of this week: Having my sister and her sweet family in town. We got a ton of time together, and nothing makes me happier!

Miss anything: Moving around without grunting to get up, haha. And materialistic as it is, I miss my clothes. My closet is full of fun clothes that I cant fit in to, but its all good.

Movement: Her movements are SO big, and sometimes painful now too!

Food cravings: For the first time, nothing really. WOAH!

Anything making you queasy or sick: nada!

Have you started to show yet: Haha this shouldn’t be a question anymore.

Gender: A sweet precious baby GIRL!

Labor signs: Been having a ton of contractions. I had my doctor appointment last week and she told me she thinks i’ll go somewhere between 37-38 weeks. EEKKk- so close! I also feel like I have dropped a lot lately, and get some random pains that make me a little freaked out. Keep on cooking baby girl

Belly button in or out: Its out, ALL the way now.

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy:)

Looking forward to: Taking a baby sleep class this weekend through Taking Cara Babies at Modern Milk. I feel like I just need a big ol’ refresher, and want some help with it.

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