Bathroom Makeover Sneak Peeks

The bathrooms are 1000% done and we couldn’t be happier! It seriously makes me laugh that we truly thought they could be finished while we stayed up in Flagstaff this summer. We were gone for three weeks, and thought that we could get the bathrooms almost fully finished, if not fully finished. We knew pretty shortly after leaving town that it wasn’t going to be that fast. Our workers were amazing, and totally weren’t the hold up. It was the supplies, random issues popping up, etc.

So what we thought would take us three weeks ended up being 9ish weeks. Whoops! But guess what? It is SOOOO worth the wait. The Master bath is dreamy, and the kids bathroom is perfection too! ESPECIALLY since what we were starting with was so dang ugly, the transformation is truly beautiful!

For a refresher, lets check out what we were working with to start:

The kids bathroom was dark, dingy, and just around bad! We did NOTHING to it since moving in {to either bathroom actually} since we always knew it would need a FULL makeover in the end.

2016-07-01_140746892_040e1_ios 2016-07-01_140757851_f68aa_ios

And here it is now! The star of the show for me is handsdown the trough sink. We got it on Craigslist, and it is literally perfect! Three kids now, three faucets, and plenty of room for them to get a little messy splashing with no worries!


Then there is our Master bathroom! The boys bathroom went through a lot of changes, but they were almost all cosmetic. Our bathroom though, well that was a WHOLE room overhaul. Moving closets around, knocking out walls, the whole shabang! Our bathroom now feels double the size, and 1000x the beauty!

2016-07-01_143403386_57fa7_ios 2016-07-01_143445902_b59b9_ios 2016-07-01_143340039_ca5d2_ios

Here is it now!! A massive walk in shower that is freaking the best for being able to throw the boys in with me and get us all clean in no time. We went with our favorite Moen products for the shower and sink faucets. It was the first time we have gotten to use Moen in our own home instead of just flips, and let me tell you- were hooked, and i’ll share more why later!

dbd-1018 dbd-1025 dbd-1027

The clawfoot tub, well that thing is simply heaven. I cannot even count how many baths have already been taken in it. We went with a true cast iron vintage clawfoot tub instead of something new, and I am so glad we did!



I’ll be sharing the rest of the bathrooms details and shots as the weeks go on! So excited to show you it all, because they are now my favorite rooms in our home!!


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