Yes, We Are Still Flipping:)

And for that matter, yes we are still alive over here! Haha.

But I have had so many of you sweet friends ask if we are still flipping homes, and the big ol answer is a strong YES! We just sold off one home last month, and are almost finished with this beauty! This is the first home we have ever done without any partners, so its kinda like our first child:)

This home is actually a few streets over from our VERY first flip we ever did three years ago. That seems just bananas that is has been three years since we started on this venture! What a blessing it has been.

So want to see what we have been up to? Just look at this beauty!

There are SO many good details in this one. For starters, that slab. It looks legit like Marble, like the closest thing I have EVER seen to look like it but not be Marble. SOo swoon worthy.

And the natural light in this home is abundant and beautiful. I cannot wait for the sweet couple who is buying this home to get to live life in it. To create sweet memories and create a true home. It is so exciting!

Now I just need to get in there and get some great final shnd then were on the hunt for our next home. AND were in talks of doing some serious work to our own home…ekkkkkk!!! So many exciting things to come! Thanks for always being patient with me friends. Love you guys.


  1. Vanessa says

    It looks good Adri and I am glad to see you posting. I hope that you are getting some sleep with the new little one (and the older big ones!). I am working on a tiny little rehab too, it’s been years since I have done one. It feels good.

    • says

      thanks so much!!!! i need to be better about posting, but time is short these days;) sleep is usually pretty good these days, not always consistent, but pretty good:):) so exciting that you are doing a rehab! best of luck sweet vanessa

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