Back to School!

This summer I had such mixed feelings. I was enjoying the time with my babies so much, but I selfishly was also ready for them to be in school. Isn’t motherhood a funny thing though? Because this morning is the first morning of school, and I literally have been sitting here for an hour just looking at photos of them. Crying tears over how fast time is going. Missing them. Praying that I am being a good mom. A mom full of grace, patience, compassion, and love. I know I have good days as a mama, but I also have those bad days. Days where I am not nearly as patient and I would like to be. Where my voice goes to a level that it shouldn’t. And I just want to take those days back. I don’t want to be ‘the best’ mom, I want to be THE BEST mom for MY babies.

Here are some of my {non-education related} goals for them this school year:


-learn to be a better listener

-learn to not get as frustrated and emotional at not getting his way

-continue being amazing at making new friends

-develop some ‘real’ friendships over time

-continue to be his wild self, but learn how to control himself when needed



-learn how to take constructive criticism better

-make some new, yet deeper, friendships

-gain more confidence in himself, esp as his speech improves

-have a great relationship with his teacher

sweet class with their hands behind their backs. this was approx 5 min in to their day, and the teacher already has them all listening SO well!


and for myself-

-to have more patience daily {take the time away from them to MISS them and be eager to see them}

-to have a desire to do more ‘learning’ at home, but in fun ways

-to be even more intentional about building them up as the incredible individuals they are

-to just love the heck out of them {thats an easy one}


Now can we just weep together at how much this boy has grown?!? Same spot for photos each year, but definitely taken with a phone this year. Who has got time for a real camera these days?!

My boys, my loves. You both are SO incredible.

Winston, you are strong and opinionated-may you develop that to being a strong leader. You are kind and tender-may you continue to grow that so you are always a good friend. You are wild and full of energy-may you funnel that in to being a creative and bold adult.

Bray, you are caring and loving-may you always continue that no matter how big you get. You are detailed and a good listener-may you be blessed by that in all the talents you have. You are a creative soul-may you dream big and follow your own path, wherever it may lead

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