DIY 4th Of July Flag Shirt

I did it you guys. I made a super cheesy, yet so adorable, craft with my baby. I always knew I would end up just loving doing these ridiculous crafts once I became a mom, but man- they are still cheesy:)

I actually followed up with an inspiration image I got from my round-up of 4th of July crafts and food. Bray and I made the flag shirt yesterday and it is super cute. Better than it turning out cute though? It was super easy. And thats a combo I like. Adding to the combo I like is the fact that you need very few items to complete the shirt.

  • White shirt/onesie/tank
  • Red and Blue fabric paint
  • Small brush
  • Cardboard for inside the shirt, so the paint doesn’t bleed

At first we tried to put just a little blue paint on Brays hand, and that did not work. The print was barely visible. Next up, we just let him go to town rubbing the paint from the plate all over his hand…and it worked!

I realized as I was writing this that it seemed kinda silly that I don’t have any in-action shots of Bray doing his handprint, and then I realized that trying to snap a photo of that moment is just too insane. Baby+paint=hot hot mess!

Hope you guys have been having fun doing any prep for the Holiday. Do you and your family have any fun traditions for the 4th? Certain food thats always made?

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  1. says

    I LOVED THIS IDEA and decided to have my kids Do it. THEY LOVED IT! I will be posting photos of the activity on my page in Facebook – MOM’s Bucket LIST. Feel free to stop by and check them. I will be giving you credit and thanks on the post and posting your link.
    I am also starting a blog and I am looking forward to sharing your ideas and sending other moms your way. You have great ideas. THANKS!


  1. […] It is so sweet with their little hand prints and its a great way to document their year, and their age. You could do these not only on onesies, but also on any sized shirt for any aged kiddo you may have. Check out the full tutorial over at Dream Book Design. […]

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