Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Kitchen & Laundry Room

Ahh, finally the room I have been dying to show you more details on! The kitchen is hands down my favorite part of this home. For us, kitchens are always the heart of the home, the room most used, so we really wanted to make this one a stunner. But not only a stunner, we wanted it to be incredibly thought out and functional. Thankfully, I feel like we totally accomplished what we wanted to!

I told you details on how we changed the inside of the home around when we first got it. Long story short, we moved the kitchen from the back of the home, and made it much-much-much larger! So this is how the original kitchen looked:


And then the demo and the new spot for the kitchen, ending with how it is now:

slump block ranch kitchen b+a

Now lets get to the details! We had custom cabinets done in here, which is something we always love doing. By having them be custom you are able to make it exactly how you want.


We went with Quartz countertops for this home. The white is nice and bright, but you don’t have the rough upkeep of Marble. I personally cannot imagine attempting to keep marble looking great in my own kitchen, so I love using a durable surface for others!

49th-012 (1)

For all of our faucets we went with our one of our favorites- Moen, the #1 faucet brand in North America. We have always loved their quality, it is unmatched. Again, knowing that we are giving the new owners something beautiful and durable is the best! We went with Stainless Steel in their awesome Spot Resist {helps repel fingerprints and water spots} for all the faucets.

IMG_4966 IMG_4980 IMG_4982 IMG_4968

We gave this kitchen so much function by not just having the normal main sink faucet, but also a prep sink area, and a pot filler! One day I too will have a pot filler;)

IMG_4975 IMG_4973 49th-010

With this kitchen being the size it is, it gave us the fun opportunity to us larger than normal subway tile for the backsplash. The larger tile makes such a statement, along with the open shelves. We got the wood from an awesome local company Porter Barnwood. They only work with amazing salvaged wood, and I am so happy we now have it in the kitchen here.  49th-009

And then theres the pantry. Ohhh the pantry!! We found the vintage doors from a local shop. They needed a lot of work, but after fixing them up- and then painting them black to go along with the rest of the interior doors..they are fabulous. And with the doors being all glass, the wood shelves are a great touch of rustic.


So thats the kitchen. Ill list the sources at the bottom.


Right off of the kitchen is the Laundry room. The room is a great size, and we added a fun touch by making it also a mudroom. It is connected to the garage, so having a ‘dumping zone’ in there is perfect! There is space for the washer dryer to be stacked, counter space and cabinets for storage, and then the organizational unit.

slump block laundry room

I can’t believe it, but the only thing left to really show off of this house is the exterior! That will be up next week.

If you or someone you know is interested in this home, or any of our other Flips-  contact Jeremy at Gluch Group


Cabinets- custom

Countertops- Quartz

Brass handles and pulls- Home Depot

Open shelves- Porter Barnwood 

Main sink faucet- Moen

Prep sink faucet- Moen

Pot filler- Moen

Island pendant lights- School House Electric

Sink pendant light- School House Electric 

Laundry room Hexagon floor tile- Floor And Decor


  1. says

    Great kitchen, would love to see more photos of the laundry room. Tip for photographing your rooms, add rugs to more definition of each room. It will make it a lot more homey looking as well.
    Beautiful reno.

  2. Peggy says

    Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful job! All that room! Amazing! And those French doors on the pantry – awesome!

  3. Lin says

    What an amazing transformation! Absolutely gorgeous. It may even make cooking fun. I love how you mixed the stainless with the brass. They compliment each other beautifully.

    I can’t imagine this home being on the market very long!

    Can’t wait to see the next flip…..

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