Life Expectancy Of Appliances

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Life expectancy of appliances

We had a HUGE catastrophe happen this weekend at our home. Our coffee maker stopped working. Yes, yes I know- it was a tough day. We got this coffee maker as a wedding gift, so thats been almost 8 years. 8 years for us having an item that gets used EVERY single day, well thats pretty great!

Now do you want to know a ridiculous fact? Jeremy and I have never had an appliance for more than 3 years. Now that isn’t because they have gone bad, simply just because when we moved in to our 2nd home we left all previous appliances in the 1st. We also got lucky and moved in to this home around Christmas time, so we scored on all the Black Friday deals. Now three years in with our current ones, I am all about doing anything and everything I can to keep them good as new.

But for fun facts, do you want to know on average how long your appliance should last you?

Dishwasher-9 years

Washing Machine-12 years

Dryer-13 years

Oven-14 years

Refrigerator-15 years

Those are a lot of years of daily wear and tear to an item. I try my best to keep everything cleaned up and out daily, but sometimes its nice to just have a company come in and do a really thorough maintenance on all the appliances! Sears Home and Appliances has this awesome bundle you can buy that allows them to come in and service up to 5 appliance, all for just $199 for a year! They come to your home, clean out everything, inspect the appliances for any issues, and even give helpful tips on how to maintain them yourself! And you don’t even have to have gotten your appliances from them. The Sears Home and Appliance crew was so nice, and made all of my appliances look brand new! I mean, check out the inside of my dryer below:



After: IMG_6525

Here I thought I was doing a very detailed job constantly cleaning out my appliances, but man they took it to a whole new level. Pulling everything out, cleaning the coils behind the fridge, even making sure the oven has the perfect temperature calibration.
IMG_6531 IMG_6532

I was so happy with the service, and feel so good knowing that all of my appliances are in perfect shape now! And it was awesome knowing that they were inspected by professionals, rather than being in this funny scenario.

So tell me, how long have you had your appliances? Anything you learned the hard way and wish you knew from the get-go?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.


  1. AnnW says

    My Maytag top loading washing machine is almost 27 years old. I don’t think I’ve had it serviced, but my husband said the repair man came once. I find that dishwashers don’t last very long, maybe 6 or 7 years. I don’t run it every day and I’ve had really good ones like Kitchen Aid. My current one is a Bosch. Dryers don’t last very long, less than 10 years. The first one had problems with the thermostat, so I had lots of repairmen visiting. I had two GE wall ovens that came with the house. They lasted 33 years. We bought Thermidor replacements and one was gone within 3 or 4 years. Then they said they didn’t make that part anymore. My favorite range of all time was a 1940’s gas Chambers. It had a crock pot feature and a griddle and all sorts of other things.
    This sounds like a great service from Sears.

  2. Vanessa says

    What a great idea Adri. We have two rentals and this would a wonderful thing for both of them. One of the houses has a 1958 oven/stove that breaks down often but is easily repaired so we keep it because it’s cute.

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