Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery


I did a video on my FB page the other day about all the oils I used before/during/after labor, but finally found the time to write it out! This labor was different than the boys by SO much{Braylens story, Winstons story{! I totally attribute it to this- so I hope it helps you too! Disclaimer- I am not a doctor, nor am I prescribing you to do this:)

Oils to help Labor get going:

Clary Sage- this one was the biggest game changer for me and labor. Clary Sage supports contractions and makes them more effective! Heck YES it does. You should NEVER apply this oil before labor is a-ok to start, so avoid until your doctor says labor is nice and safe to start. I applied this to my inner ankles and within 5 minutes I started having contractions that were 1 1/2 minutes apart, and had Georgia 4 1/2 hours later! My previous shortest labor was around 15 hours. Heck yes!

Jasmine- another great one to inahle to try and start labor. Bonus- Jasmine is one of the best smelling oils out there in my opinion! I also used Jasmine in my After Labor Cramps roller.

To help prepare your emotions before and during labor:

Valor- this oil basically makes you feel like you are superwoman and can handle anything. Valor and Valor II both do the same, so no worries that Valor is still out of stock. You can diffuse this oil, or even apply it to your wrists so you can get whiffs of it while pushing:)

Joy- this title couldn’t be more fitting. Joy truly uplifts your mood and spirits a ton. And if you diffuse this in your room, I guarantee all the nurses will love you the most!

Oils during labor:

Peppermint- For headaches, nausea, or back aches you can apply Peppermint or even just sniff it from the bottle!

Diffuser options during labor: 

-3 Joy + 3 Orange/Lavender

-3 Frankincense + 3 Orange + 3 Lemon

-3 Frankincense + 3 Clary Sage

For mama/baby afterwards:

After labor cramps- the worsttttt!! Especially since they get worse with each kid! This is the roller recipe I used before and after each nursing session for the first week. It was AMAZING how well it worked, and it smelled fantastic!

10 drops Geranium

10 drops Jasmine

10 drops Lavender

Put in roller bottle and top off with carrier oil.

Fennel- is known to help boost milk supply like crazy! You can simply apply to your boobs after your baby nurses. It smells like black licorice, so not my fave- but it works!! {stop use after 10 days- you can use Basil in place}

Frankincense- I applied one drop to Georgia’s forehead for anointing and prayed over her. Frank is my favorite oil ever, and I love that I was able to incorporate it in to her birth.

Myrrh- apply a drop to the umbilical cord stump for the first couple of days. This helps it to heal faster and fall off quickly!

Peace and Calming- This was my favorite to diffuse in the room during our hospital stay. It kept the environment so calm and peaceful. No joke, every person that walked in said it was so peaceful {minus when the boys would come to visit lol}

Tender tush- This diaper cream from YL is amazing for both baby’s bottom, and even your nipples that are tender from new nursing.

Mother Love Sitz Bath Spray- This spray was a godsend this time around. With the boys I just used the pain spray the hospital provides. This spray totally replaced any need for that. I also loved that it was a spray rather than having to actually take the time to do a real sitz bath.


-I ONLY use and recommend Young Living oils. If you don’t have any and want to grab some- leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I would love to help you get started.

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