Willo Home Flip Reveal!!!!

Are you readdddyyyyy?

Willo is done, and it is beautiful! I am going to show you some of the main photos today, and then I will break it down room by room with specifics later. This home was built in 1952, and has so many fun specifics to it. The open ceilings, the arches, the multiple sky lights, everything! We had so much fun doing this home with Ryan and Kylie, and Modern Manor was in charge of staging it! So without further ado, here is Willo.


The main living space is so bright between the windows and the skylights!

Almeria-005 Almeria-007 Almeria-021 Almeria-020

The Dining Room is right off the main living space, and I am in love with the built in bench and cabinets we did. And is that light not the best thing you have ever seen!?

Almeria-009 Almeria-010

The kitchen was in pretty good shape when we first got the home, but we definitely changed up a lot.

Almeria-018 Almeria-014

The Master bedroom is a total show stopper. The ceiling is amazing, and the amount of natural light in the room is dreamy!

Almeria-033 Almeria-031

And the Master bath?! Well I already know you guys are fans from the sneak peeks i’ve put up on Instagram. 

Almeria-037 Almeria-040

The Master closet is right off the bathroom, and it is LARGE!


There are two other bedrooms in addition to the Master. And the Guest bath is just as pretty as the Master!

Almeria-025 Almeria-024

The backyard is full of plenty of green grass to run around, mixed with a fun wall and cute covered patio!

Almeria-048 Almeria-046

And that is Willo! We love the way the home turned out! We were able to preserve all the things that made it truly unique, while changing everything else for the good. Now we just need to find someone who is going to love this home as much as we have loved transforming it. Braylen said he wants someone ‘extra nice’ to move in, since he really likes this home;)  What do y’all think of this home? Like it more, less, or the same as our previous Flips? To easily see all the flips we have done, simply search in my sidebars Categories section: Home Flips.

The home is officially listed, so if you are in the market, or you know someone who is, here is the info:


If you want to chat about it, or other homes, I happen to know a super handsome and sweet realtor! Email him at Jeremy@gluchgroup.com

The Guest House Flooring and More

The Guest House is finally in the phase where everything from here on out is going to move really fast! We had a little hiccup a couple of weeks ago, but that is all fixed now! One of our most favorite parts of this home is the exposed grey block walls, and rightfully so because they are rad. Well, one day Jeremy walked in to check on the home like he always does, and he saw that our painters had not taped off the block wall, and overspray had taken over!!!

We were so bummed, but thankfully they were able to get it all off! Crisis adverted:) Here is the wall in progress:


And all the floors are in and stunning. This home has taken on SUCH a transformation with walls being moved, knocked down, opened up- you name it. Now when you walk in the front door, this is what you see rather than a hallway, and walls blocking it all.


I can’t wait to show you guys those counters upclose and personal. They look exactly like cement, but are NOT!

And then here is a little sneak peek at one of the bathrooms of the home! #allwhiteeverything


The Master closet also just got built out this past week, and it is freaking a dream. SO much storage, and totally not your typical style of a walk in:


Also, the Guest House finally is getting some flooring in as well!


You guys, I love going every weekend and checking in on the homes with Jeremy and the kids. He probably goes to the houses almost every day, so the changes aren’t as drastic to him- but to me- they blow me away! A lot changes in a week with these babies. And can I just brag on him a little for a second? This man has SUCH a heart for what he does. He is SO passionate about real estate and about these flips. He cares about every.single.detail. And NOTHING gets past him. Sometimes I wonder if our workers want to punch him for how meticulous he is;) But dang, he is good. And his heart is good. And I get to spend my life with him by my side…its pretty unreal!

Here he is noticing that one SMALL thing wasn’t right, so of course he got someone on it right away. If you ever buy a home from us, find comfort in the fact that it has been inspected by the most detail oriented man I know;)


Also, photos are being done as we speak for Willo, so that will be showed off this week!! Cue the confetti throwing:) Happy Monday my loves.

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