Flip update

I haven’t posted too much on the current flip of ours, but it’s not because it’s not amazing. This home and it’s kitchen just might be one of my favorites to date! 

This home was full to the brim with original character. And thankfully we were able to leave a lot of that in place, while still making it way more functional and beautiful. 

Take this exterior for instance. There was no way we were going to take down that block and beams. Those stayed, but just got a little tlc from us:)

And the amount of natural light it has is amazing! This front window is perect for letting light in, and I just imagine at Christmas time will be the perfect window for the Christmas tree. Please tell me I’m not the only one who imagines that in every home?!

We are about 1 week out from being totally finished and staged and I cannot wait to show it off to y’all. I think you are going to swoon over it just as much as I am!

Past Month Recap!

Y’all I don’t think in the 8 years of writing this blog I have EVER taken almost a full month off! And while I missed writing to/with you guys, the break was SO good. Good for my mind to slow down a little, good for my family for me to unplug a little, just good. Sometimes we need those breaks, don’t you think?


While I have been MIA on here, our life hasn’t slowed down a bit. In the past month we have had a ton of family time {praise Jesus}, a ton of play time, and a TON of sweet new memories made with our sweet Georgia Mae. Jeremy took me on fun spontaneous Vespa dates, we did ALL the Christmas things, we had a  kid-free staycation with Jeremys work, we made a TON of progress on the current flip, and we all just obsessed over our new little babe {boys included!}

So, now what? What am I looking forward to this 2017?

Abundance. But not in the way of more ‘stuff’. I want to live an abundant life this year. Abundant in time spent with those I love. Abundant in being able to bless others. Abundant in doing things that better me as a wife, mom, friend, leader. Abundant health for me and my family. Abundant love. Abundant joy. Abundant depth. Abundant health. Abundant passion.

Abundance is my word for the year.
What about you? What are you striving for, setting goals and intentions for?

Benefits of Eating Your Placenta

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I'm not sure how many of you know this detail of our lives, but my parents live with us:) When we realized we needed to have them move in, we quickly sold our old house and found the one we are in now. We knew that in order for all of us to stay happy and sane living together, that we needed as much … Read More →

Holiday Card Favorites

I can hardly believe it, but I actually am on top of my game this year with our Holiday cards. I for sure thought that I wouldn't be getting them out until the New Year with having a new baby and all, but I surprised myself and already have them ready to ship out! This year, like every year, we … Read More →

Newborn Sleep Tips

Our sweet Georgia is officially 7 weeks old today and I cannot believe it. Part of me feels like she has been her SO much longer, and part of me feels like I was still pregnant yesterday;) She is a really sweet baby, having good and bad days of course, but overall great! If you know me at all, … Read More →

Our Newest Flip!

It is about dang time I show y'all this flip we have going right now, considering the demo is all done already and we are moving forward fast! We haven't had a flip going for awhile now just because there hasn't been the right home, but this one is SO right and SO good! This home was built in the … Read More →

Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery


I did a video on my FB page the other day about all the oils I used before/during/after labor, but finally found the time to write it out! This labor was different than the boys by SO much{Braylens story, Winstons story{! I totally attribute it to this- so I hope it helps you too! Disclaimer- I am … Read More →

Kids Bathroom Reveal

As bad as our Master bathroom has always been at our home, that wasn't the one I was most embarrassed about. I was way more embarrassed by the Kids bathroom because it is also the guest bathroom. Downstairs we only have that bathroom. My parents side has one too, but we obviously don't have guests … Read More →

Our last pregnancy

FYI I wrote this post before we had our sweet Georgia. I almost didn't post it since we've already had her, but I am sure I will like looking back on it later on:) Oh the emotions that soar through my heart when I think about this pregnancy being my last. They range from being so happy and … Read More →