TWO $125 Minted Giveaways!

You know one of my most favorite things about Christmas? All the beautiful and meaningful Christmas cards we get from friends and family. I feel like with this day and age, every.single.thing is digital now. Just the other night Jeremy and I were out to dinner with some friends and we were so sad looking over at a table of girls by us. No exaggeration, every single one of the girls was on their phones the entire meal. Im talking 10 girls. Phones in their face the entire time. Technology is everywhere and all consuming, so I LOVE snail mail.

Without fail every year I fall in love with so many card options from Minted. They are our family’s go-to place for our Christmas cards, and have been for years. These are some of my favorite cards of theirs this year:


Destination Luggage Tag


Painted Foliage Frame


Merry Holiday


Color Field Foil Pressed


Heaven and Nature Sing


Modern Rustic Foil Pressed


Frosted Holidays

They do the best designs and make it so easy order these and get them out. You can insert your photo your using and physically see it on all the card options, making it so much easier to decide. They also will add in everyones address’ for you, so no more ugly handwriting and time spent {well maybe thats only me with the ugly handwriting!}

We are having our photos done by the amazing Melissa Young Photography and I have already been planning outfits for the boys and us. What I really should be spending time on is how on earth to get both of them not only looking but also smiling at the camera. Any suggestions on how to keep them smiling and looking?

Today, Minted is being beyond rad and is hooking up TWO of you with a $125 gift card to get your Holiday cards here in time for Christmas. Just follow this link to enter!

Thanksgiving Thankful Crafts

Hi sweet friends! Currently I am sitting at the gym, using a Hot Spot on my phone to get Wifi. Am I working out? Nope. We had a rough night of sleep in our house last night so this mama is sucking down some coffee, listening to amazing worship music, and letting the kids play in the child care area. They love it here, and I love it for working out OR just getting a moment of silence:)

Today I am also over at Bali Blinds blog with a great roundup of really cute Thankful crafts that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Whether you are hosting or not, these are great ways to make guests take a moment during meal time to write down what they are most thankful for. I love everything that Thanksgiving means, and I love that it slows us all down and refocuses us in this way. Head over there and get inspired!

My Role In The Flips


You guys know what is so funny to me? The fact that because you always hear 'my voice' on this blog, that so many people think that I am the magic maker for our home flips. A lot of people think that Jeremy sticks to more of the traditional realtor side of it, and I do all the designing and such. … Read More →

Mixed Metal Christmas Decorations

metallic christmas mantel

We love to mix things up in our home, especially around the holidays. One way we are doing this is by mixing metals on our DIY Fireplace Mantel. Some people think you can only do one type of metal at a time. Golds all with golds, silver with silver, etc. But I believe that when you mix them … Read More →

Schwinn Double Bike Trailer Giveaway!

kids bike trailer

Do you guys know those material things in life that you just really, really, want- but for whatever reason you just can't seem to pull the trigger on it? For me, that was getting the boys a bike trailer. You see, heres a very embarrassing fact about me. I used to ride my bike like any other little … Read More →

Pumpkins For Decorating

bali pumpkin 3

Hi sweet friends! I am over at Bali Blinds blog today sharing some beautiful images of how to use Pumpkins when decorating your Thanksgiving table! We are hosting again this year, and I am definitely pulling from these inspirational images!!! … Read More →

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

Stay healthy during cold and flu season

You know those friends in your life that you feel like you could ask ANY question to, and not only do they have an answer- but they also have a note of encouragement as well? That is Carrington for me. She is insanely wise beyond her years, knows everything there freaking is to know about health, … Read More →

10 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

christmas tree decorating ideas

While Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, I am already dreaming up what we will do for our Christmas tree this year! Last year we literally only had lights on it. No ornaments. Not one! It was actually really pretty and we really liked it, but this year I am ready for more! So I looked around … Read More →

Ready For Another One?


I am so excited to show you guys this home, this dirty {filthy really}, needing serious work, home. It is one of the dirtiest homes I have ever been in, and these photos are after it was pretty cleaned up! You ready??? A real show stopper right?! Ok but the worse off we are in the beginning … Read More →

Friday Faves

It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Faves, and since the Double Dormer flip is done, there was no Flip it Friday post today! Our newest flip is getting started next week, and I am so excited to show you some Before pictures. If you follow us on Instagram then you have already seen that we … Read More →