Baby Boy #2 Nursery Inspiration

Baby boy #2 is going to be here before we know it! If he shows up around when Braylen did {two weeks early} than we have less than two months! Ahh!  We are so excited, but also totally overwhelmed with how much we have to get done before that time comes.  Jeremy is also in an insane busy season at work until June, I am in two weddings, traveling {TOMORROW!AH} for a blog conference, and celebrating multiple holidays {including Brays second birthday}.  So to say the least, we are a little busy, and probably will be up until the second this little guy gets here.

Luckily, we work well under pressure.  And whats even better is the fact that we know now, that you by no means need to have a nursery actually finished by time the baby comes.  He will be sleeping up in our room for quite awhile, so theres no pressure.  Yes, I would love to have it done, and done fast, but we will get it finished when we can:)

With all that being said, we do have tons of ideas.  I don’t know if I have ever mentally planned out a rooms details more than I have for his nursery

baby #2 nursery

We are using the campaign dresser we had in Brays nursery in the old house, and possibly painting it.  I love the look of the wood, but we have had it in our family room for the past year and it has gotten pretty beat up:/ The crib will also be Brays old one, since he is in a big boy bed now {aka a twin mattress on the floor}! I really want to keep the walls white, and normally we would have some sort of wall treatment {wainscoting, board and batten, etc.} but the room only has one wall that isn’t dominated by a window.  I personally think if we put enough items up on the walls, then white will work.  J is totally skeptical:)

I want the room to be a great mix of light and airy, earthy, and classic.  Thats not too much to ask, right?!  Either way, we have started making a little progress this past week.  Baseboards are in, some of the crown is up, and tools are cleared out!  Just think, this room is going to look drastically different in about two {plus} months:


We can’t wait!

If you think of it tomorrow, say a prayer for me.  I am heading to the SNAP blogging conference in Utah.  This is my first time going to a conference, and the first time I am traveling without family or it will be scary and AWESOME.  Can’t wait to meet so many incredible bloggers, and hopefully gain a ton of knowledge, AND get some amazing inspiration for this here blog:)

30 Weeks Pregnant

Did you guys see what I just saw?  That title has a number with a THREE in front of it! 3-0, 30 weeks pregnant.  Holy crap!

30 weeks pregnant by Dream Book Design #30weeks #30weekspregnant #pregnantbelly

How far along: 30 weeks pregnant! Due June 28th!

Total weight gain: Up 14 lb.

Maternity clothes: Most bottoms now are maternity or a few sizes up.  Some shirts are fitting ok still, but its mostly baggy ones, extra long ones, or simply maternity.

Stretch marks: Still that one by my old belly button ring scar, and it hasn’t changed at all- so i’m holding out hope that it might stay small! Maybe its wishful thinking!.I am still using my FAVORITE stretch mark oil {here} and the chest cream {here}. BUT HOLD ON! A reader left a comment about the oil, which made me spend some time on Amazon looking around, and turns out they sell a BIG bottle of the oil for a ridiculous deal. The normal bottle is 4oz and runs $45, the big bottle is 16oz. and is only $68! What?!!!!!!!!!! From now on I am getting the big daddy {here}!

Sleep: Sleep has not been awesome this week.  Between waking up to pee, readjust, hearing a little noise, etc.

Best moment of this week: Phyically, going on Prilosec. Haha best seriously. I tried any and all natural remedies that are safe for preggos for the reflux, but nothing was working well. Two days after being on Prilosec, I feel amazing. Other than that, celebrating Easter was SO fun! Watching Bray go on his first egg hunt was the best thing ever. He totally understood it and was loving life!

Miss anything: Beer and fitting in to some of my old pants..boohoo to me. Just kidding- its all worth it:)

Movement: Non-stop. I dont remember Bray moving this much!

Food cravings: The Stand chocolate milkshakes…and doughnuts. Always.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week.

Have you started to show yet: Large and in charge.

Gender: Another little boy, and we are so freaking excited!

Labor signs: Just the Braxton hicks.

Belly button in or out: Its all out

Wedding rings on or off: On:)

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy as can be!

Looking forward to: Going to SNAP conference this weekend. I am so excited and totally nervous!

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29 weeks pregnant belly

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