Fruit Infused Water

With temperatures rising here in Phoenix, we are all needing to up our water intake. For some people that may be really easy, but for others- not so much. I personally love drinking water, but I definitely get bored at times! Here are some of my most favorite combos to keep it interesting and keep me chugging!

fruit infused water 2

fruit infused water 3 fruit infused water

The easiest way for me to infuse my water is by keeping a big dispenser in the fridge. I try and have a different infusion every day, and replace it with something new each night. That way the fruit infuses in to the water overnight, and it gets drank during the day!

If I am in need of some flavor for my water quickly, I am obsessed with adding 1-2 drops of Young Livings Lemon and/or Orange oils in a glass bottle. I actually start my day every day with warm water and two drops of Lemon. {I only ingest Young Living oils, and do not recommend ingesting another brand. If you are looking for more info, leave your email in the comments!}

yl oil for water

Thats my Monday Tip for you loves. Drink up, infuse that water, and feel like a million bucks!

Flip It Friday – Drywall People!

Yep, you read that right, we have DRYWALL!! We had something hold us up for a few weeks, which is always so hard and frustrating. But now? Well now the drywall is up and it is really taking shape!! I love when you can walk in the home and totally tell what it is going to look like. Ready for a look? Welcome home!


When you walk in now you can walk around without falling in a hole! All plumbing and electrical is finished!


To the very left of this photo is where the amazing pantry will be, then the door opening is where the laundry room and garage will be. The opening to the far right goes down to the freaking incredible master bedroom!

IMG_4471 IMG_4472

And the master bathroom:


One thing in this home that I just cannot wait to see finished is the main living area. The outside is beautiful, and we are hoping to have the living area feel continued in to the outside. here is the area from both views:

IMG_4486 IMG_4492 IMG_4489

The guest bath and bedrooms on the other side of the home are coming along beautifully as well. There are three other bedrooms on this side of the house, and we’ve got big plans to add fun touches to each of them! Here is what you will see when standing in the living area looking over to the bedrooms {and the front door is down that hall to the right}:


And the bath and bedrooms:

IMG_4477 IMG_4478

Needless to say, there is much more to be done..BUT we are making so much progress!! I just took these photos yesterday, so I can’t wait till I get over there next week and see what else has taken place.

I hope you are enjoying going through this whole process with us! It has been so fun to keep you updated in real time:) Love you! Happy Friday.

Natural Bamboo Shades


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Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Trick

easy clean up paint tray

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Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Kitchen Inspo

decor planet faucet

I recently got a comment from a sweet reader/friend Ann and she asked if we have a set formula for our flips, esp. in the sense of using the same cabinets, flooring ,etc. That comment got me thinking about how much fun it is to pick out all the fixtures for each flip. No, we do not have a set … Read More →

8 and 9 Month Baby Update

8&9 months

Its official, if we have another child ever- they will be lucky if they get a 3x a year baby update! I have good intentions of doing a monthly update, and doing it on time, but that just isn't the case:) In the past two months he has changed so much its crazy. I guess that is how the entire … Read More →

Top 4 Ways To Hard Boil An Egg

hard boiled eggs

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Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Floor Plan

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.05.03 PM

You made it through another week. Hopefully it was a good one for you- but I think even when its an awesome week the sentiment is still TGIF, right?! Anyway, I am so excited to show you the floor plan of Slum Block Ranch today. This home had quite a few internal structure changes, and it is always … Read More →

Styled Love Shoot

valentinesday (79 of 100)

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An Easy DIY Feather Wall Hanging

diy feather wall hanging

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