Our Most Recent Flip!

Hi friends! Its been a minute since I have posted about our flips. The market has been funky for us when it comes to flips lately, so while we used to always have two going at a time, that hasn’t been the case recently.

Which to be honest, I am quite alright with since our life is already so crazy, haha. But I know for Jeremy, he is happiest when he has a flip that he can use as his creative outlet. So here is our most recent one, which was extra sweet to do since it was for some of our closest friends.

We didn’t add on any square footage to this one, just totally gutted almost every inch of the inside, took down walls, and moved where a lot of spaces were. The outcome made for one beautiful, bright, open home for our friends who get to welcome their first little baby in soon!

But here is how it started:

And when you walked in, this is what it was:

And we turned it in to this:

Its pretty much magic what taking down some walls can do, right?! The fun thing with this home was how much original brick was able to be saved and showed off! It always blows me away how so many of our flips have had the most beautiful brick covered up! Show that off friends!

The main living space is nice and open and dreamy, and they are now having a built-in breakfast nook added for a comfy eat-in space. I love that their actual Dining Room space is right off the sliders so once its not 100 degrees out, they will be able to fully open them up and bring the inside out!

The original kitchen wasn’t even in this spot, but here is a Before:

And now, this:

I mean, can we talk about that island for a second? The counters are quartz and look 100% like the real deal of marble, but without the insane hassle of keeping that clean and unstained. Which basically is my fav thing ever. The kitchen is always the heart of a home, so we love focusing big time on that space in a home.

The Master bedroom was the next biggest transformation of this house! It was awesome and big, but so dang random. We kept the fireplace but removed the brick and reframed it. And totally transformed the who space, just look!

The Masterbath is freaking glorious with the fireplace, clawfoot tub, and massive walk-in shower [that has glass doors, they just weren’t in during these photos] haha. And the Master bedroom still has so much space, not to mention light because of the French Doors.

Even the two other bedrooms in the house are stunning. They both got lucky enough to have a wall of the original brick in them, so pretty!

The Guest bathroom was actually not that bad before, but it didn’t fully fit the vibe of the rest of the house. Its amazing what a little bit of paint/new accessories did for this space!

And drumroll please….

The laundry room floors are SO GOOD!

And while this home is so beautiful now, the design and details are far from the best part. The best part is the family that makes this house a home now. We always love imagining how a family will use and love our homes we flip, so its even more fun when we know and love them. Cannot wait to watch them raise their baby boy here, create so many memories, cherish the holidays, and hopefully have us over for some dinners;)

Finally, lets now celebrate that we have a new flip in the works already!!!!!!!! Its been a minute, so I am so excited to see whats to come!


Kitchen cabinets paint: silver polish by Dunn Edwards

Pendant lights: West Elm

Counters: Quartz from Arizona Tile

Laundry room floors: Tile Shop

Master Bathroom floors: Tile Shop

Kitchen cabinet makeover

Hi friends!

So if you follow us on Instagram you know that we are under some SERIOUS construction right now. It is a constant pit of dirt and nails and paint. We have been doing this since November, so while it has not been fun at all- IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

One of the things {haha quite literally the only ONE thing} that has been completed during this is our kitchen cabinet makeover. We have been in this home for 5 years now and when we moved in we had the whole kitchen redone. We went with custom cabinets and used a company that we thought was good. They did white cabinets for us, and while I fully anticipated the white getting dirty, I did NOT anticipate the chipping that happened.

Im talking, within a month of being in the house, the paint was chipping, especially under the sink area. The company just said I must be getting too much water on them. Also, that chipping is ‘totally normal and just part of having painted cabinets’. Well, they lied. Turns out they never primed the cabinets AT ALL. Literally just slapped some paint on them. So ya, they looked like junk 5 years later even with me keeping up with keeping them dry and clean.

So, now that we HAD to redo them because of a leak, and the chipping everywherrrreeee, Jeremy finally got his dream of grey cabinets!

Because the previous ones were white, we had chrome hardware on them. Chrome and grey paint don’t go together, so we swapped it out for brass. And I have to admit it, I actually like it. I am FULLY drawn to all things white. White and bright is my motto. But they grey looks good! AND will look even better once we paint ALL our walls white this summer:)

We also changed the hood in the makeover. The shiplap top and woodplank bottom look so so so good with the subway tile below!

{picture all white walls above. the two tones of grey kill me now, but I know it will be all good soon!}

Our guy Edgar who does all the cabinets in our flips is awesome. We know his work, know it handles kids and water and life, lol, so I am SO happy to now have cabinets that won’t look like junk in a hot minute! We went with the color Silver Polish from Dunn Edwards.

Hope you guys like them! Its a fun change for the eyes.

But now, well now I cannnnottt wait to get this whole renovation done and get started on our Pantry and Dropzone! SO many good projects in the pipeline!

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