1 Month Baby Update


One month {and then some..whoops!} I cannot believe it has been one month!  Winston is such an incredible addition to our family.  It seems mind blowing that he has only been here for about 5 weeks.  I swear it seems like he has been with us forever!  I couldn’t have asked for the transition to be any better, truly.  Bray is obsessed with his “bruh-were” and is so gentle and sweet always with him.  Anytime Winston cries he just says “its ok bruhwere, its ok” and tries to give him his paci.  I can only imagine how much more I am going to love seeing them interact the older they get! Best gift we could have ever given them is each other, automatic bff’s!

Heres a little recap of our first month, most photos from my iPhone, because lets be real- the real camera isn’t making its debut on a daily basis around here!

I had him at 38wks3days, and so naturally, here is my 39 week ‘bump’ shot;)


He gave us his first smiles right around 4 weeks.  I am so in love with them.  We still have to work for them, but they are so sweet when they come.  Its so exciting to us too because Bray didn’t give us any smiles till he was like 8 weeks!

photo 1

He loves sitting next to/holding his brother!  Also, a new love is showing his bro his toys:)

photo 2 photo 5 photo 3

Adjusting to outings with two.  It is so funny to me how with Bray I didn’t leave the house much until he was seriously like two months.  This time around, we started leaving the house almost everyday starting at 1 week! Life doesn’t/can’t slow down when you already have a little one around.

photo 4

Sad little man after his circumcision at two weeks. He did so great though, and has healed up beautifully.

photo 4 photo 3

Celebrating the 4th of July/my 28th Birthday!

photo 1

What our days looked like in the beginning {and still do kinda}. Sweet sleeping baby, and wild dirty toddler! Love it;)

photo 4 photo 5

At his very first doctor appointment at 4 days old.  He did so great gaining weight, and has continued to do so- although much less than Bray…maybe he won’t be quite as much of a giant!

photo 3

I mean, come on…

photo 2 photo 2

I told Jeremy that I realllyyy wanted a mini-van once we had two kids..and he delivered.  We got this beauty while still in the hospital!  Anyone that is considering making the switch, DO IT!  Yes they might not be the ‘coolest’ looking cars, but man the conveniences are the BEST.

photo 1

We were so excited to get home from the hospital!  We couldn’t wait to be back with Bray, see them interact together, and just relax and stop being poked and prodded!


His first bath..sponge bath that is:)


And I will finish the photos with the first nap in his crib.  He currently sleeps in a Rock N Play in our walk-in closet.  His schedule is eating at 7,10,1,4,530ish,7, dreamfeed at 10ish, and then he usually wakes to eat around 2/3am.  On and off he has been waking up at 5:30 or 6 am restless but he goes back to sleep without needing to eat till 7am.  The first two weeks he was a DREAM sleeper, seriously going at least 5-6 hours at night and then eating and going right back down till I woke him at 7am.  Hes not that good now, but still nothing to complain about at all! He is definitely a baby that suffers the rough witching hours in the evening, and is pretty much only happy if he is either eating, sleeping, our outside {which is super fun being that its at least 100 degrees for me to sit out there with him haha}.

IMG_1759 IMG_1760

He is so easy going {except for evenings} and has a sweet spirit.  He definitely is gassy and we have been trying to figure out how to best help that.  I have been giving him gas drops and or gripe water, and just now cut out dairy from my diet.  Hoping that helps soon!  So far though no reflux- praise God!  I really didn’t want to have to deal with that again this time around.

We are just so blessed to have him and can’t wait for all thats to come.  Its amazing how this time around I am not wanting to rush anything.  The middle of the night feedings obviously aren’t fun, but I know they will end before I know it- so its SO much easier to deal with them.  I just want to cherish it all.

New Car, New Baby, New JOB!

You know how when most people have a new baby, that is all the ‘newness’ that is happening in their life for awhile?  Well, not for us!

Within a week we sold my car, got me a Minivan {a Nissan Quest, and I am obsessed with it, seriously!!}, I left my job {maternity leave}, we had Winston, AND JEREMY GOT A NEW JOB!!!!

This big news for us is amazing!!! Jeremy left his corporate finance job and is now working as a real estate agent here in AZ.  On top of that we are focusing on flipping homes more now..and as a matter of fact- we just bought another home this weekend to flip!!!!!!! 

It is all so exciting for us and we cannot wait to see what this all leads to in life for us.  Jeremy has always had a more corporate job, so it is definitely going to be an adjustment for us, one that we are equally nervous and excited for, but we can’t wait!  He just had his first day yesterday and all went well:)

So, say a prayer for us that its all that we dreamed of, and that the flips continue to go as amazing as our first one did.  Speaking of our first flip- I am posting ALL the before and afters of it next week!!!!! Here goes nothing!

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