A Little Friday Truth

By the time this post is being seen by you all my sister most likely has had her baby! Woohoo!  I love being an aunt, and love that I get to be an aunt again in a few more weeks when my sister in law is due. Baby crazy over in my family right now, and its surreal to think that in 8-10 weeks I will have my little man.  Also, we have a name for him.  An official, 100% for sure, name!  J wants to tell everyone, but I want to keep this little secret just to us, since we rarely get to do that.  With that being said, I thought I would let you all in on a little bit of truth this week.

I had every intention of DIYing some natural egg dye for making eggs with Bray today, and then I saw this box at Walgreens and thought- HEY this is already done for me AND he is obsessed with Mickey.  So really, that makes me a selfless mom for getting something that I know he will like then right?!


Next up, the fact that there is a 99% chance that at any moment when you walk in to my kitchen {that I honestly try and clean up before bed each night} you will see some sort of tool.  I don’t know how it happens, especially when I do try and keep it tidy, but something is always there.  Is yours like this?


Also, I hide candy from Bray.  I am a self proclaimed sweets addict.  I try and keep a healthy-ish diet, but when it comes to dessert, and candy specifically, I have zero self control.  I used to just keep a box of something on the counter, which was good because then I would control it by only having one box at a time.  But then, well everything changed when my sweet little boy started recognizing candy boxes as something he wanted {even though hes barely ever had any!} and I had to hide them.  Downside to this?  I end up forgetting I have some, and buy another box…and another box.  Also, quite ironic that I have this crap stashed away below my Young Living essential oils;) Do you hide your candy stash from your kids?


And finally, a partial truth.  We have a big, big, project going on.  And unfortunately I can’t tell you more right now, but hopefully soon.  So while this might annoy some of you for only being able to share the partial truth, I hope it also excites some of you for the future!


And thats it.  Those are my confessions for the week.  What are yours?

Reviving A Used Playset

As cheesy as it sounds, I have always dreamed of the day when I would own a home, have a family, and have a playset for my kid{s} in the backyard.  There are many things I dreamed of regarding being a mama, but for some reason I always looked forward to the playset part.  Maybe its because I grew up with an awesome one, or maybe because I realized it would save me numerous trips to a park;)

Our great friends from Rafterhouse hooked us up with a Sunray playset they did not need anymore.  It definitely had some wear and tear to it, but we revived it- and its now AMAZING.  When we first saw it we knew it would need some work, after all it is a wooden set and had been sitting in a yard that gets irrigation {as do we}.


We hired a crew to tear it down, transport, and reassemble it for us, since we neither had the experience or the time.  Also, I just imagined J and I building it and then a friends kid coming over and getting hurt because we did something wrong.  Sometimes it is truly better to just hire a job out:)

Once the guys delivered it to us, I asked them exactly what they thought needing replacing if it was for their own kids.  Thankfully these guys were awesome and went through each piece and gave me all the info I needed!  We replaced three of the base wooden boards, and three side wooden boards.  We also ended up replacing all of the rope, since it was pretty brittle.

In order for the set to look cohesive with the new boards we knew we wanted to stain it {and seal it}, but then J found something way more fun that a typical stain!


This stuff acts as a stain, can be made in to any paint color {we chose this awesome grey}, AND its a sealer as well.  Basically, its what my dreams are made of!  Once the whole playset was sanded down it was time to apply it, thickly.  It was amazing using a product that not only did a good job, but combined about three things in to one!

Once all of it was finished, we brought back the assembly guys, and they gave me what all my dreams imagined!




 I can’t wait for Braylen to wake up and play with it today! He is going to flip out!!!  And yes, it does kind of suck that we just got it up while going in to summer, but I have a feeling that Bray will care less if it is 100 out, he will want to play:) Thanks again Rafterhouse, you guys are the best!

29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant belly

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Design Inspiration Monday


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6 Years Of Marriage


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Midcentury Modern House Makeover: New Addition!


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28 Weeks Pregnant


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Design Inspiration Monday


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Miners Cart Coffee Table


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27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

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