Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Trick

easy clean up paint tray

And were back at it again with another Monday Tip, todays is all about the easiest way to clean up a paint tray. I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Jeremy actually had to work this weekend, so thats always a bummer- but we still managed to squeeze in some family time and friend time.

I don’t know about you, but painting a room in my mind is not always the most fun of projects. Yes, paint can drastically change a room, and fast- so thats always exciting. But, painting takes time, and patience, which is why I wanted to show you guys a tip today that will at least help a little bit with the patience and time it takes! How many times have you been so annoyed at the end of painting because now you have to spend a good chunk of time cleaning out the paint tray, or times that you just gave up and tossed it- to only have to buy yet another tray when the next paint project comes along?! This tip couldn’t be easier, and you will love it!

All you do is simply put the tray in a big trash bag and tie it shut. Pour your paint in and roll like you would normally.

When it comes time to be done, simply turn the bag inside out, and tie it shut.

best way to clean up a paint tray

Thats that! Your try looks good as new with not a drop of paint on it. You have no paint on your hands, in your sink, etc. You can also now use the bag and cover your lid while hammering it shut. This makes it so that none of that annoying paint that we all inevitably get in the rim splatters on you!

best way to close a paint can

Done and done. Your tray is clean, your paint can is shut, and you remain spotless!

Thats the DIY tip for this Monday. Hope it helps you out on your next painting project!

Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Kitchen Inspo

I recently got a comment from a sweet reader/friend Ann and she asked if we have a set formula for our flips, esp. in the sense of using the same cabinets, flooring ,etc. That comment got me thinking about how much fun it is to pick out all the fixtures for each flip. No, we do not have a set formula we use, nor do we use the same fixtures for each home. Every flip we do has a different feel and look, so that dictates a lot for our fixtures. For the Slump Block Ranch, we are going for a very traditional and classic feel, which will fit well with the Arcadia area that it is in.

When it comes to picking out the fixtures, we are all over the place. We look at a bunch of different sites, and are always changing our minds over who is our favorite. One site that I stumbled upon recently and fell in love with is Decor Planet, so I thought it would be fun to choose out the majority of fixtures needed in a kitchen all from one place for inspiration!

decor planet faucet

I love the classic feel that this bridge faucet, and pot filler faucet have. And the only thing I like better in some kitchens than brass is beautiful shiny chrome! And that apron front sink? It’s such a fun twist on the normal apron sink, which those beautifully detailed indentions on the front!

decor planet lights

Hoods are something we have SO much fun with in our flips. While we absolutely adore subway tiling hoods, or even covering them up with a custom cabinet, sometimes its nice to just see that stainless steel thing in all its glory! And the lighting- well that has got to be one of my most favorite things to pick out! Pendants over the island, a mini pendant light for above the sink or breakfast nook, I love it all. You can make such a statement with lighting.

We haven’t decided yet on all the fixtures for Slump Block Ranch kitchen, but we are getting close. I was really hoping to show y’all a update on drywall, but we are still at a stand-still with it. Nothing is wrong, but we are waiting on some things to happen before we can move ahead.

BUTTT we got another flip! Yep- another one! This one is in Tempe, and is moving at lightening speed. As in, we got it a couple weeks ago, and its getting drywalled tomorrow. Nuts! Ill show you what I can of it next week {its been hard to document this one as well since its not super close to us and its going so fast!}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Decor Planet.

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8&9 months

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hard boiled eggs

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Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Floor Plan

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.05.03 PM

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Styled Love Shoot

valentinesday (79 of 100)

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diy feather wall hanging

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costco food shopping

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Flip It Friday – Slump Block Ranch Demo


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New Nursery Art

neutral nursery decor

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