Reviving A Used Playset

As cheesy as it sounds, I have always dreamed of the day when I would own a home, have a family, and have a playset for my kid{s} in the backyard.  There are many things I dreamed of regarding being a mama, but for some reason I always looked forward to the playset part.  Maybe its because I grew up with an awesome one, or maybe because I realized it would save me numerous trips to a park;)

Our great friends from Rafterhouse hooked us up with a Sunray playset they did not need anymore.  It definitely had some wear and tear to it, but we revived it- and its now AMAZING.  When we first saw it we knew it would need some work, after all it is a wooden set and had been sitting in a yard that gets irrigation {as do we}.


We hired a crew to tear it down, transport, and reassemble it for us, since we neither had the experience or the time.  Also, I just imagined J and I building it and then a friends kid coming over and getting hurt because we did something wrong.  Sometimes it is truly better to just hire a job out:)

Once the guys delivered it to us, I asked them exactly what they thought needing replacing if it was for their own kids.  Thankfully these guys were awesome and went through each piece and gave me all the info I needed!  We replaced three of the base wooden boards, and three side wooden boards.  We also ended up replacing all of the rope, since it was pretty brittle.

In order for the set to look cohesive with the new boards we knew we wanted to stain it {and seal it}, but then J found something way more fun that a typical stain!


This stuff acts as a stain, can be made in to any paint color {we chose this awesome grey}, AND its a sealer as well.  Basically, its what my dreams are made of!  Once the whole playset was sanded down it was time to apply it, thickly.  It was amazing using a product that not only did a good job, but combined about three things in to one!

Once all of it was finished, we brought back the assembly guys, and they gave me what all my dreams imagined!




 I can’t wait for Braylen to wake up and play with it today! He is going to flip out!!!  And yes, it does kind of suck that we just got it up while going in to summer, but I have a feeling that Bray will care less if it is 100 out, he will want to play:) Thanks again Rafterhouse, you guys are the best!

29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks pregnant belly #29weekspregnant #29weeks #pregnancy

How far along: 29 weeks pregnant! Due June 28th!

Total weight gain: Up 13 lb.

Maternity clothes: Most bottoms now are maternity or a size or two up.  Some shirts are fitting ok still, but its mostly baggy ones, extra long ones, or simply maternity.

Stretch marks: Still that one by my old belly button ring scar, and it hasn’t changed at all- so i’m holding out hope that it might stay small! Maybe its wishful thinking!.I am still using my FAVORITE stretch mark oil {here} and the chest cream {here}. BUT HOLD ON! A reader left a comment about the oil, which made me spend some time on Amazon looking around, and turns out they sell a BIG bottle of the oil for a ridiculous deal. The normal bottle is 4oz and runs $45, the big bottle is 16oz. and is only $68! What?!!!!!!!!!! From now on I am getting the big daddy {here}!

Sleep: Pretty good this week. Reflux is still bad, so trying to sleep kind of propped up, which is not my favorite.

Best moment of this week: It seems like our weekdays are so busy, so I feel like weekends are when I focus the most on being in the moment. We had a great family date night on Friday, then on Saturday we celebrated our anniversary! I am so lucky to be married to that man! Also, found out I passed my gestational diabetes test and am boy anemic this pregnancy. Don’t know if it’s me using different prenatals this time or what, but glad I’m not anemic again. QUESTION- have any of you ever had your doctor say your blood sugar levels were actually out of the normal range, but on the low side-not high! I guess the normal range starts at like 65(being a normal but low number) and mine was 63. They aren’t worried but thought it was weird. Would LOVE any of your input! Also-more tips of acid reflux/heartburn is greatly appreciated!!

Miss anything: Not having the dreaded reflux, and beer. Oh I miss a nice ice cold Sunbru.

Movement: Non-stop. I dont remember Bray moving this much!

Food cravings: The Stand chocolate milkshakes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee seems to make my reflux worse, so trying a cold brew method this week.

Have you started to show yet: Large and in charge.

Gender: Another little boy, and we are so freaking excited!

Labor signs: Just the Braxton hicks.

Belly button in or out: Its all out

Wedding rings on or off: On:)

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy as can be!

Looking forward to: Easter with Bray and the family. I love holidays with kids SO much.

Design Inspiration Monday


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6 Years Of Marriage


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Midcentury Modern House Makeover: New Addition!


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28 Weeks Pregnant


How far along: 28 weeks pregnant! Due June 28th! Total weight gain: Up 12 lb. I think this is just cause I was sick, i'm sure I will be up more next week. Maternity clothes: Most bottoms now are maternity or a size or two up. I could get away with the rubber band trick,but I just want comfort … Read More →

Design Inspiration Monday


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Miners Cart Coffee Table


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27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

How far along: 27 weeks pregnant! Due June 28th! Total weight gain: Up 12 lb. Maternity clothes: Most bottoms now are maternity or a size or two up. I could get away with the rubber band trick,but I just want comfort now:) Most tops are still pretty good. Stretch marks: I think I got one:( … Read More →

Design Inspiration Monday


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