Georgia’s 1st Peach Birthday

ONE balloon from here

Something happened last month that I am basically not ok with. Our baby girl turned one. I don’t know how it happened, because I certainly didn’t approve of it.

Georgia is our little love bug. She is quite literally the happiest baby I have ever been around. Always smiling, laughing, expressing herself. She is crazy, in the best way possible.

I didn’t know how I wanted to celebrate her. The older I get the less I care about what other people think in general {lol- whoops- is that ok to admit?!} so I haven’t been one to do parties with a ton of little details. ESP. for my boys because they truly could care less about the decor. They just want their friends, yummy food, and to play. But for Georgia, knowing that it was my last time throwing a 1st Birthday, I wanted it to have some sort of theme.

Our little Georgia peach had a peach themed party and it was perfect. We had a bunch of family and friends, good food, a backyard for the bigger kids to go crazy in, and a sweet little smash cake for her.

For food I made peach flavored cake and cupcakes. The cupcakes even had a little Peach shape to them by using the nifty tinfoil trick in the oven. The smash cake was on top of the regular cake that we served. Perfect because we just took it off for her, and were still able to give our guests un-baby slobbered cake;)

Inside we had pulled pork sandwiches with pretzel buns, salad, donuts {DUH} and fruit salad served in waffle cones. The cones were a big hit with the kids!

The drinks were Peach Sangria and Peach Bellini from Trader Joes. SO yummy and easy on my end!

peach straws from here

For the decor, I kept it pretty simple. Peaches in a flower vase, peach shaped balloons, photos from her whole first year strung up, flowers, etc. Nothing over the top, but simple and sweet just like her.

The photo backdrop was super easy. We used the old wood from the ship wall hanging from Winstons old room and added some fake greenery and flowers from Michaels. I got the One balloon on Amazon {Prime is my BFF}. The photos were strung up on a little kit I also got on Amazon. It was really fun and sweet to be able to look through all the photos of her first year. What a blessing she has been.

She was seriously so fun to celebrate.

And in case you missed it on FB and IG, I shared about my ‘fabulous top’ I wore that day. I have worn this top probably five times, and apparently its a freaking ROMPER. As in, NOT a top. LOL. I had been wearing it with one of the leg holes on the side. My girl Kylie broke the news to me. Ohh fashion, you and I just aren’t meant to be.

Georgia Mae,

Your first year of life has been the biggest blessing of all. You, my angel baby, are Heaven sent. Truly. I prayed and prayed I would get the blessing of having a third baby, and especially a baby girl. What I didn’t know was that not only would I get that, but SO much more.

You are my light, my happy place, my instant mood lifter. You truly make my heart swell. I pray that your dada and I can guide you the best way possible in life. That you will grow up knowing how loved and treasured you are. How much God loves you. You are the BEST, baby girl. I love you to the moon.

And just in case yall wanted to have a quick little flash back to her birth:)

Back to School!

This summer I had such mixed feelings. I was enjoying the time with my babies so much, but I selfishly was also ready for them to be in school. Isn’t motherhood a funny thing though? Because this morning is the first morning of school, and I literally have been sitting here for an hour just looking at photos of them. Crying tears over how fast time is going. Missing them. Praying that I am being a good mom. A mom full of grace, patience, compassion, and love. I know I have good days as a mama, but I also have those bad days. Days where I am not nearly as patient and I would like to be. Where my voice goes to a level that it shouldn’t. And I just want to take those days back. I don’t want to be ‘the best’ mom, I want to be THE BEST mom for MY babies.

Here are some of my {non-education related} goals for them this school year:


-learn to be a better listener

-learn to not get as frustrated and emotional at not getting his way

-continue being amazing at making new friends

-develop some ‘real’ friendships over time

-continue to be his wild self, but learn how to control himself when needed



-learn how to take constructive criticism better

-make some new, yet deeper, friendships

-gain more confidence in himself, esp as his speech improves

-have a great relationship with his teacher

sweet class with their hands behind their backs. this was approx 5 min in to their day, and the teacher already has them all listening SO well!


and for myself-

-to have more patience daily {take the time away from them to MISS them and be eager to see them}

-to have a desire to do more ‘learning’ at home, but in fun ways

-to be even more intentional about building them up as the incredible individuals they are

-to just love the heck out of them {thats an easy one}


Now can we just weep together at how much this boy has grown?!? Same spot for photos each year, but definitely taken with a phone this year. Who has got time for a real camera these days?!

My boys, my loves. You both are SO incredible.

Winston, you are strong and opinionated-may you develop that to being a strong leader. You are kind and tender-may you continue to grow that so you are always a good friend. You are wild and full of energy-may you funnel that in to being a creative and bold adult.

Bray, you are caring and loving-may you always continue that no matter how big you get. You are detailed and a good listener-may you be blessed by that in all the talents you have. You are a creative soul-may you dream big and follow your own path, wherever it may lead

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