Flip It Friday — Slump Block Ranch Main Living Area

When looking for homes now, everyone wants an open concept home. And rightfully so! Being able to be in one room, and see and interact with the people in all the other main rooms is just awesome. No one wants to feel confined and blocked off. I think open concept is especially important for families. While you are getting dinner ready for your family, you can have the kids finishing up homework in the family room, and getting the table set at the same time.

This home was not an open concept at all. There was an awesome fireplace in it, but it was in the very middle of the room, with walls surrounding it. The whole space was broken up in awkward chunks.

49th-026 49th-008 49th-005

When we went in, the first thing we did was open it up and rearrange rooms. We moved the kitchen to the front of the house, and opened up the living space more! Now this is what you see:

49th-019 49th-018

The dining room, living room, and kitchen are all open to each other. And one of my favorite features of the home is the barn door. Not only is this door amazing and super old {we refinished it, and actually added on a few inches to it to make it work}, but it also closes off the hallway to the other bedrooms. Perfect for if you are having friends over, but don’t want the noise to keep your kids awake!

49th-008 (1) 49th-016

I love the feeling this space gives off. It is inviting and light, open and airy, and makes me want to take up residence there:) The wainscoting and crown and baseboard are obviously favorites of ours since we have the same thing in our own home! And the double french doors that open up to the covered patio of the backyard are awesome about bringing the outside, in!

49th-017 (1)

So what do you think? Could you see yourself living here? Is there anything you would have done differently?


Hardwood Flooring- Oak {from our flooring guys professional source}

Chandelier over dining table- West Elm Arc Mid-Century light

Ceiling Fan- now discontinued, but from Lowes

The rest of the items you see are apart of Modern Manors staging job!

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