Master Bedroom And Bathroom Remodel

Remember back when we did a flip and it sold within 24 hours?  Ya, it was so fun and amazing and I totally promised y’all before and after photos forever ago.  Then we had a baby, and life got crazy {in a good way} and I forgot.  Mom brain much?!  So as promised, this week and next I am featuring the rooms individually, starting with the Master Bedroom and Bathroom remodel

Here is what it looked like when we first got the place.  The room itself was actually in the best condition of the whole house, so it didn’t need too much work.

IMG_0662 IMG_0664

For the room  all we had to do really was replace the floors, paint the walls, and paint the ceiling. We cleaned up the sliding doors to the backyard, adding new baseboards, as well as replaced the ceiling fans.  When a room has amazing bones like this it doesn’t need too much work- which is always nice:) The bathroom on the other hand…haha well it was in need of some TLC.

We completely rearranged it, moving the sinks to a double vanity on one wall, and taking the bathroom closet {and hall closet} out to open up the shower area.  It needed a lot of cosmetic changes {obviously!} but in the end it looked amazing.

Heres before we got our hands on it:


image IMG_2404

And this is once we took out the hall closet to make it possible to have a large walk in shower.


And now.. once we got our hands on it and showed the room and bathroom some TLC:

IMG_1390 IMG_1393 IMG_1391

IMG_1390 IMG_1390 1208 East Seldon Lane-032 1208 East Seldon Lane-037 IMG_1395

Some pretty fun before and afters:




For the shower we went with a beautiful marble tile for the walls and a marble penny tile for the floors.  I am a total sucker for all things light and marble in bathrooms, so to me this is perfect!  The tile on the floor of the bathroom is this really neat almost linen looking grey tile.  We got it all at Floor & Decor here in Phoenix.

The bathroom cabinets are custom build Shaker style, which we also used in the kitchen on the flip {and our kitchen here at our home!}. The marble counter is a beautiful remnant we found at a local store here.  Remnants are by far the cheapest way to go when you don’t need a huge piece, and we totally lucked out on finding this beautiful one.

It is always so much fun seeing a gross and dark old bathroom and room be transformed to something so light and pretty.  It really is amazing just how much a room can be changed if you just have the vision, which is why I feel so lucky to be working alongside some amazing people like my hubby, and Ryan and Kylie!

Do share your thoughts….what is your favorite part of this rooms makeover? There is much more to come this week and next, so stick around!

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