New Monday Series

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It is time for a change, and I am pretty excited about it! A lot of the blogging I do here, I do because it is fun, something I want to talk about, share, etc. But sometimes it is really nice to just know what y’all are wanting to hear about, see me share, etc! So- I am coming to you to get some input. I am taking away Design Inspiration Mondays {for various reasons} and am wanting to replace it with something even better. I love having some sort of a series running on the blog, but I haven’t had that ‘ah-ha’ moment on what the new series should be.

So, do you have an opinion on it? Thoughts? I am pretty open. I think it could be fun to do a tips series ranging on everything from cleaning, eating healthy, DIY, parenting, etc. Or maybe a best-of-the-best series where I show my favorites out there on a different subject each week {think everything from sofas and lighting, to moisturizers and hairspray}? Or how about introducing y’all to a different blogger each week who is inspirational to me?

I never get that bummed that the whole era of actual comments on blog posts is practically over, but I am begging you to pleaseeee give me your opinions in the comments of this post. I want this new series to be something that gets y’all excited to see weekly!

Braylen’s Big Boy Room

I showed y’all a little teaser of Braylen’s big boy room on Friday, and I am so excited to show it off some more today.

big boy bedroom 2

His poor room has gone through a lot. It looked beautiful when it was a nursery, then it went through looking like a prison, and now its a full-fledged big boy room! It still seems crazy to me that I have a kid old enough to need a big boy room, but alas- I do!

The main thing that the room needed to transition was a bed. We searched high and low to find the right one, and even started drawing up plans to DIY one. Heres the thing with DIYing and money though, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. Some DIYs end up being much more expensive than just buying something, and that was the case for us on this. We wanted to make a really rad wooden bed, and once we totaled up what we would spend in lumber alone {not even factoring in the amount of time it would take} it was way more than an amazing one we found on Craigslist for $50.  All it needed was a little spray paint and the beauty was good to go:

IMG_3881 big boy bed

Once the bed was dried and good to go, we got some new bedding and moved some things around. We are still using the side table that we made while we were in the old house, and its perfect for holding a few books and his new night light. Which by the way, I love that new night light. It technically is a soccer ball, but it is all white, so ends up looking pretty modern. It changes colors and makes Bray smile so big!


We actually brought back in the tripod lamp we made way-back-when. We took it out of his room once he became mobile but unstable, but now he is good to go around it and so its back!!

traditional big boy bedroom

We are still needing a few things in the room, but when does a room in our home ever not still need a few things?! I am pretty sure we are never ‘done’ with a room! Are you the same? Or do you do a room till its finished?

I love how the room has come together, and I am beyond obsessed with the tailored roman shades we have from Bali! Hope you all like the room just as much. I’ll be sure to post new pictures as the room gets more and more complete.

dbd bray room 1

Design Inspiration Tuesday


I am back from the most fun and relaxing weekend with eight of my amazing girlfriends in San Diego. It was just what I was needing. Time away from reality, from responsibility, etc. It was fabulous, but now I am home- and my family is even more so fabulous. I missed all my guys so much! So now … Read More →

Big Boy Room Reveal!

big boy bedroom 2

In an attempt to not post another sappy post after yesterdays, I thought today I would talk a little bit about something that is making me super happy! Sweet, sweet Braylen has lived in a room that looked like he was in a freaking toddler jail for too long now. His twin mattress was on the ground … Read More →

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Isn't that what they say to people when someone is moving away, breaking up, traveling, etc? Unfortunately for me, that is a phrase that I have been thinking about non-stop for the past few months. No, I don't have a boyfriend breaking up with me, and no, thankfully Jeremy doesn't travel for work … Read More →

Design Inspiration Tuesday


Not gonna lie friend, I totally skipped out on DI Monday because I was just being lazy! Whoops! I normally bust out my laptop to do this post on Sunday night once the kids are down, but Jeremy and I got to go have a late Valentines Day date so that obviously won:) So now, here are those beautiful … Read More →

Haver Home Flip Exterior!

modern house numbers

I am so excited to show y'all the last piece of the Haver home flip we did with our best friends Ryan and Kylie from Modern Manor. See the kitchen, dining room, and living area here, and the bathrooms/bedrooms here. This is all about the exterior of the home, and let me just tell you, this yard was … Read More →

Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food

For those of you who do not currently have to feed any humans that require their foods to be pureed, please forgive me, as this post will probably make your eyes glaze over. At our house though, we are in the fun {messy} stages of baby food. I know a lot of people prefer to simply buy their baby … Read More →

Design Inspiration Monday


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Laundry Room Door Makeover

unique laundry room door

When Winston was about 2 weeks old, this amazing home by us had an estate sale. The home was built in the early 1900's and remained mainly original. What that means to us is door goldmines! We walked away from that estate sale with roughly 20 doors, all unique and super old. I knew right away … Read More →