Kids Bathroom Reveal

As bad as our Master bathroom has always been at our home, that wasn’t the one I was most embarrassed about. I was way more embarrassed by the Kids bathroom because it is also the guest bathroom. Downstairs we only have that bathroom. My parents side has one too, but we obviously don’t have guests go over there. So this whole time we would have guests walk in to this hot mess:

2016-07-01_140822136_88e9e_ios 2016-07-01_140757851_f68aa_ios 2016-07-01_140746892_040e1_ios

Just like in ours, we didn’t touch a single thing in here prior to the remodel. Everything functioned fine, so we just left it as is. It always felt so weird having the rest of our home nice and then this! But now, well now its one of my most favorite rooms in the house!


We scored that amazing trough sink from Craigslist. It was on there for a long time, which is surprising to me! We had our guys resurface it, and then paint the bottom to have a nice contrast! We actually debated for awhile on it, because while it is super rad looking, I was nervous it just wouldn’t be practical. I am laughing at that thought now, since it has been a life saver so many times already. It is the sink Bray uses when cleaning his art brushes, when I need to rinse out baby poop from clothes, you name it. And since its so big, the boys can wash their hands and splash around and its still totally fine.


And I also love the cheesy factor in the three faucets. Three kids, three faucets..perfect! At first I didn’t know how well the kids would be at using the Thieves bar soaps we have there, since they normally use pump soaps, but I honestly think having the bars makes them wash their hands even better.


We had our amazing guys custom build the mirror. I knew exactly what I wanted in my mind, but we couldn’t manage to find anything like it- so we drew it out and they built it! I love how it turned out, and love that it has a little ledge to hold stuff.

For the room itself, we took out all the cabinets and counters. My main fear with having the trough sink was that we wouldn’t be able to have any counter space, but thankfully we were able to add a counter on each side, with lower cabinets. By taking out those big cabinets, the room feels so much bigger now. We also were able to remove some of the wall and expose the old grey block wall. Its totally crumbly in spots, which makes me love it even more.


We went with a classic black and white basketweave flooring, white subway tile wainscoting with a black pencil tile border. The contrast between the old block wall and the new subway tile is pretty dreamy if I do say so myself.

For the tub, we simply had them resurface it since there were some cracks here and there. The shower got subway tile all the way up, and Moens beautiful tub and shower kit. The shiny chrome always is a beauty, especially against the crisp white tile!


We added three little hooks to the wall for the kids towels, and I love that it is behind the wall, so you don’t see them when you walk in at all. Lets just pray the kids don’t pull them down in to the toilets any time soon;)


The bathroom is a million times more bright and airy, and now is a room that I am proud to have people enter instead of embarrassed!!!



Trough sink- Craigslist

Counters- Bianco Venatino

Sink faucets- Amazon

Kids Stools- Ikea

Tub/Shower kit- Moen

Towel hooks- Home Depot

Lights- School House Electric



Our last pregnancy

FYI I wrote this post before we had our sweet Georgia. I almost didn’t post it since we’ve already had her, but I am sure I will like looking back on it later on:)

baby girl silhouette

Oh the emotions that soar through my heart when I think about this pregnancy being my last. They range from being so happy and content that our family count will be closing with a sweet baby girl, to feeling total despair that I will never grow a life inside me again.

We both feel 100% that this baby girl is our last, so at least we are on the same page with that, but that doesn’t change the fact still that its our last.

The last time that I am going to have the breathtaking ability to GROW a life. While Jeremy and God obviously played roles in this too {;) }it was my body that did the day to day work. My body that got the blessing to feel each and every movement. Each and every hiccup, wiggle, and jab. My body that went through the metamorphosis that it requires to do such things. My body that got to safely grow our sweet babies.

The fact that there is no sound more comforting to our babies than my own heartbeat, or scent than my own, well that is simply beautiful.

So as we enter a new season as a family, a family of FIVE, I am going to try my hardest to just be still. To be content, to be joyful, to be present. I know this little girl is going to complete us, but I also would be a fool to think that I won’t miss being pregnant at times. But instead of soaking in that sadness, or feel like I am missing out, I am going to sit back and reflect. Reflect on the fact that I had the immense blessing of being able to do it three times, without any issues. The fact that God granted me the insane desires of my heart to have two boys and a girl. The fact that our babies are healthy, and here with us earth side.

So if you see me a year or two from now, starting longingly at your beautiful pregnant belly, help to remind me that I lived that season..and lived it beautifully- but its over;)


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