Royal Palm Flip Kitchen

You see that beauty up there? Well this is what it started as:

We knew immediately that it had to go. We played around with the idea of actually trying to salvage the cabinets because they were actually pretty great, but in the end we just didn’t have enough of them to make it work.

We took out a huge wall which really opened up the space and created a great flow from the kitchen to the rest of the living space.

The island guys, that style of island is what we have dreamed of for so many flips- and we finally were able to do it in this one! The waterfall edge makes that counter even more beautiful.

And the deep Navy cabinets mixed with the Brass hardware is such a pretty contrast. We wanted to do a good mix of closed cabinets, glass cabinets, AND open shelving. That way pretty things can be displayed, but all those real life ugly plastic sippy cups, well those can be tucked away;)

We used our favorite Pot filler and Faucet from Moen and as always, love them. They are super sleek without being too modern, and the quality is unparalleled.  And as usual, I am envious of every home we do with a Pot Filler, since even my own home doesn’t have one! Haha. And that sink- y’all you could easily bathe TWO babies in there with room for them to splash! What- you don’t think first of bathing kids for sink sizes? Well, then, you could easily fit all the dishes from a 5 course meal in there- with the hopes that your hubby will catch a hint and do them for you:)

The backsplash is a classic white subway tile. We considered doing something a little different, but figured with the dark cabinets, waterfall island, and unique upper cabinets, we wanted the backsplash to remain neutral to be able to let the others shine!

Just off the kitchen is the Pantry and Laundry Room. It has more than enough space for both, and is super convenient where it is. The washer and dryer can be stacked and still leave you a ton of space! I could only dream of having a walk in Pantry, so again- this homeowner is winning in my book;)

If the person that buys this home is anything like me, they are going to just love having the kitchen open to the rest of the home. I am always in the kitchen. Like, if I set a timer and started it every time I stepped in to my kitchen a day, I would honestly guess I spend at least an hour in there all together. SO, to have it all be open and not feel like you are separated from the rest of the home and family, its perfect!


Countertops:Bianco Gioia- AZ Tile

Sink Faucet: Moen

Stainless Steel sink: Moen

Paint color: Sherwin Williams- Anchor Aweigh

Backsplash: 4×10 subway tile

Pot Filler: Moen

Wood shelf brackets: West Elm

Hardware: Cool Knobs and Pulls


Royal Palm Flip Reveal

It is finished and it is BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself:)

We got this home with our friends over at Modern Manor four months ago, and let me just say- this wait was so worth it. Today I am going to take you through the whole home, and then later I will take you room by room with Before and Afters and all the details on fixtures {you can see all the Before’s here}! Also, if you are in the market for a new home- this is getting listed TODAY! Here is the link to it on Zillow!

Lets get started! The exterior of this home has taken quite the transformation {the whole home has really!} We added landscaping, changed the paint color, took down gates, etc. And now it looks like the beautiful Mid Century Modern home it is.

When you walk inside, it is now a beautiful big open space. Perfect for entertaining, having family time, and really just being able to enjoy the home.

The beams were stained to a rich mahogany, which contrasts so pretty with the white walls and lighter hardwood floors. When we first saw this house in its original state, it was totally the beams that sold me. Sure, the rest had a ton of potential, but those beams man- they snagged my heart. And now they look better than ever!

Another aspect of the home that I loved from day one was the big front window. Its perfect because it lets a TON of light in, but you also have privacy from your neighbors seeing in because of the Breeze Block wall.

Then the original fireplace!!! We try our absolute hardest to never remove a real wood burning fireplace in our flips, so I was SO happy when we realized we could keep this one! It obviously had a makeover with new tiles and paint, but is a total stunner.

Then the kitchen. Ooohh the kitchen. This just might be my most favorite one we’ve done. It at least rivals my previous favorite one. The island is just ridic. And the deep navy blue with brass hardware..its all too good.

Can’t wait to share all the details on that space, because it is chalk full of good finds!

Right off the kitchen is the Pantry/Laundry Room. It is nice and large with plenty of space for both purposes.

Then comes the bedrooms and bathrooms. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms in this home! Every single bedroom in this home as a walk-in closet! A girls dream! 

And then the Guest Bathroom. You guys, if you could only see what we were working with here:) However, now it is great! Tons of counter space, storage, and a bathtub/shower combo. This was the first home that we really went different with the counters and cabinet colors- and I think I love it!

And now the Master! We completely flipped everything around in this space. Moved the closet to the other side of the room, rearranged the bathroom, exposed an original block wall, etc.

The room has sliding barn doors on each side for the closet and the bathroom. I love that because it still provides some privacy for those spaces, but doesn’t take up the space a normal door does. And an even bigger bonus is that they are about 1000% better looking than a normal door!

The Master closet is massive. Need I say more?!

And the Bathroom is pretty incredible. We were bold again in the choice for cabinet color and counters, and even more bold in the floor! Those matte black tiles are so so fun! And the shower? Ya, you just walk on in! Not pictured is two windows to the left of the sinks, that let in a ton of natural light!

And now for the most fun twist on this home. This home has a huge extra living space. You know that big open room where the dining room, kitchen, etc is? Ya, just behind a beautiful steel barn door to the left is an extra living space with a beautiful bay window! This extra living space would be a dream for any family. Imagine being able to have a party, and keep the adults in the main living space, and toss all the crazy kids in to this room! Or ladies- hosting a Bachelor watching night in here, while your hubby can still keep his witts about him in the other room;) It’s incredible and huge!

There is also a HUGE storage closet in this area. When I see this I just think of all the junk from my kids that I could stash away in here! That or stash all the holiday decorations, or tools, or WHATEVER! Just love the storage!

The backyard took on a serious makeover as well! It was pretty jungle-esque when we got it, and now its serene! We also changed it a ton by removing the enclosed patio, and opening it up again.

And thats all she wrote. It is so so stinking beautiful guys! Also, a REALLY fun new thing we were able to do with this home is have a drone video made of the interior. I’ll for sure post that as soon as its finished!

In the mean time, if you are looking to buy or sell your home- lets get you connected with Jeremy. There truly is no greater person to help you with this! Reach out to him at And again, you can check it out here on Zillow.

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