An Adventure Away

This past month my sweet fam and I got to escape the terrible Phoenix heat and go to Flagstaff. We rented a house that was beautiful and comfortable, and it was in a cul-de-sac which basically always makes our family’s dreams come true!

The weather was incredible up there. We had a little bit too much rain for my liking, BUT now that I am back down in the Valley I am longing for that rain. Haha. Grass is always greener right?! The month was full of slow days. We had no schedules, no demands, and basically no work. We had a bunch of friends and family come and go while we were up there. It was so nice getting to see so many familiar faces while being away from home for a full month.

The one bummer with all the rain was that it stopped us from riding our Schwinn bikes as much as we normally would. I mean, I was ready to come home with some beefy thigh muscles from all the biking {if my legs can even turn beefy- I don’t know, i’ve never tried haha}but no such luck. The fact though that my cute little bike was able to take on the hills of this neighborhood seriously impressed me!

Bray and I did manage to squeeze in a few rides while Winston and Georgia napped, and that was so great. Its crazy how much better he is getting at riding the older he gets. He can keep up from long distances, and is such a fun little ‘man’ to hang out with. I can’t believe he is my baby!

He also did a whole bunch of growing up while up there. He lost his first tooth! AHH! It was loose a few days before we left and then about a week after being there he decided that today was the day! He wouldn’t even let Jeremy and I do it, he insisted on pulling it out himself! I’m telling you, he’s practically a teenager;)

Jeremy and I were so bummed because we had a really fun date night planned one night to go cruise around Downtown on our bikes and it was just down-pouring the whole time. Flagstaff has SUCH a fun downtown area, so I was really looking forward to exploring it on the bikes. Its such a huge bike town- and rightfully so with the weather usually being so amazing. It’s funny because I can’t even fathom enjoying the summer for riding since we are always at 100+ degrees, but Flag- they’ve got it good!

I’ll do a full recap on the month this week. It was truly such an incredible time away with my family, going on adventures daily, and riding Schwinn as much as humanly possible!

Our Own TV Show

Want in on a long time secret?

Almost two years ago {WHERE does the time go?!} we were approached by a company for a TV show. We had been approached multiple times before, and started and stopped the process a bunch. This time was different though because we had made it through initial cuts and they asked us to submit a sizzle deal.

We had a production company come out and film us for 12 hours at one of our flips. It was a really interesting experience. It gave me a whole lot more appreciation for those who do shows. That day was so fun but also SO draining, and I couldn’t imagine doing it over and over again to get an episode filmed!

Ultimately HGTV execs decided against using us. For a split second I was bummed, but ultimately I knew that it wasn’t a right fit for us. It would have taken up SO much of our time, and we are already super busy- so I don’t know what would have had to ‘give’ in order for it to happen.

But, we are finally able to share the Sizzle reel that was made. Its pretty fun being able to look back on this!


I guess we will just have to keep on watching people make magic on TV, from our comfy couches- in PJs…and I am justttt fine with that:)

 To see the home all completed- go HERE!

Orchid Flip Reveal!

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You are dearly loved

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Evenflo Pivot Travel System: Saving the Day

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Transitioning to Three Kids

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Georgia Mae’s Birth Video

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Royal Palm Flip Kitchen

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Royal Palm Flip Reveal

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