Our Own TV Show

Want in on a long time secret?

Almost two years ago {WHERE does the time go?!} we were approached by a company for a TV show. We had been approached multiple times before, and started and stopped the process a bunch. This time was different though because we had made it through initial cuts and they asked us to submit a sizzle deal.

We had a production company come out and film us for 12 hours at one of our flips. It was a really interesting experience. It gave me a whole lot more appreciation for those who do shows. That day was so fun but also SO draining, and I couldn’t imagine doing it over and over again to get an episode filmed!

Ultimately HGTV execs decided against using us. For a split second I was bummed, but ultimately I knew that it wasn’t a right fit for us. It would have taken up SO much of our time, and we are already super busy- so I don’t know what would have had to ‘give’ in order for it to happen.

But, we are finally able to share the Sizzle reel that was made. Its pretty fun being able to look back on this!


I guess we will just have to keep on watching people make magic on TV, from our comfy couches- in PJs…and I am justttt fine with that:)

 To see the home all completed- go HERE!

Orchid Flip Reveal!

Our Orchid flip is done! And let me just say, this one is a beauty {but I am TOTALLY biased and think all of them are}!

I am going to go in to more detail and do tons of Before and Afters later, but for now, i’ll show a few:)

That is what we started with. We KNEW we loved the lines of the home right away, but it obviously needed a ton of TLC. I can’t tell you how many times we had neighbors come up to us during the remodel and say how thankful they were that it was getting fixed up. Apparently people don’t like living next to homes that are neglected and overgrown. Who would’ve thought?! 😉

This is what you used to see when you walked in the front door:

And now, well now its this:

Just a little different eh?

We moved a lot of walls in this home and it made all the difference. And the kitchen? Well that one is not even recognizable:

Thankfully now its looking like this:

I don’t know whats my favorite thing about it even. The counters? YES! The Moen pot-filler and faucet? YES! The black cabinets? YES! All of it man. I mean, how could someone not just smile when cooking, and filling a pot from a beautiful filler thats mounted to an insane slab of beauty?!

A sweet little spot in this home is the office off of the main living space. Keep that barndoor open if you want to be in the mix with everyone, or shut it to hammer out some work. Either way though, you won’t feel closed in because of the French Doors to the backyard, and the glass windows above. This home is NOT lacking on natural light! Hallelujah.

The Master bedroom is spacious, light, and with a killer bathroom and closet. The vanity in the Master bath is straight up drool worthy. Custom done, super midcentury modern, and always timeless.

The other bedrooms and bathroom got some serious TLC as well. Just look at what we were dealing with initially:

And now:

Even the exterior in the front AND back got facelifts. Because we all know you don’t want to have great curb appeal in the front and then be embarrassed by the back, right?

To now:

I’ll be back soon with all the details, sources, and even more Before and Afters. You guys, Jeremy is so dang talented. I think a lot of y’all think that these flips are as much me as they are Jeremy, when in reality it is like 98% him, 2% me. No exaggeration. He has the vision. The meticulous attention to detail. The beautiful brain and design eye. The heart to make it a HOME not just a pretty house. He is the best of the best, and I am so blessed by him!

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