4 Month Baby Update

4 month old baby

Time just keeps on flying, and I know it is going to go even faster with all the Holidays coming up!  Our sweet Winston is now 4 {haha 4 1/2 really} months old.  Poor second child, monthly posts are always 2 weeks late;)

This month this sweet boy has made it his mission to make me realize just how good and easy he is!  I swear, aside from him still being sensitive to dairy {and since he is strictly breastfed, that means I don’t get to eat dairy at all}, he could not get easier.  He is the most smiley little baby I have ever been around.  Always smiling, giggling at everything, talking.  I am interested to see if how social he is now will affect how early he talks and how social he is when older.


The only hiccup we had this month was him not wanting to take a bottle a few times.  It totally freaked me out, since I need to be away from him for a few trips coming up.  I also have a serious amount of milk stored up and want to be able to give at least a lot of it to him! He apparently likes to keep me on my toes, because after a few times of refusing the bottle- he has gone back to being fine.  I need to get better about giving him bottles more often, but its just so much easier to nurse since I am with him almost every single feeding!


While I do my best to keep him to a schedule like Babywise, there are many days that he just kinda has to go with the flow.  He is easy to get to nap while out of the house, but usually wont sleep for longer than 30-45 minutes unless we are home.  His current schedule is 7am wake, 8:15ish nap, 10am wake, 11:30nap, 12:30wake 1:45ish nap 4wake, and then unless he has taken terrible naps earlier, he stays up until bed again at 7pm.  Even if he misses naps, wakes early, stays up late- whatever- he is still smiling!  It really is mind-blowing to me since Bray was a wreck anytime he was off his schedule even a little bit!


His favorite way to be held to get him nice and sleepy is belly to belly.  That position will instantly calm him down, and I love when he just stares at me during it!  He still sleeps on his belly always, and the new sucky thing is that he rolls to his back easily.  What stinks about it is that once he rolls to his back, he thinks its play time…no matter what time it is!  Luckily he hasn’t been doing it much in the middle of the night!  We had to do a little bit of CIO for a few nights in order to get him used to not eating at night, and then for awhile he would need me to put his paci in 1-2x a night to get him through till morning.  Then one day shy of 15 weeks he slept from his Dreamfeed till 7am!  It was glorious!

He got a little cold from Bray this month and it was so sad.  He was still his happy self, but had a harder time putting himself to sleep.  He got over it quickly since I was lathering him in Young Living oils.  Now he sleeps through the night without ever waking!

He loves when Bray talks to him {which is quite often!}.  During bath time he just giggles constantly watching Bray doing whatever he does. We are loving that it is now nice out so we can go on evening walks, and walk to The Stand for our Sunday night burgers and shakes! His newest obsession is his hands.  He cant have them in his mouth often enough, and thinks its so funny when I pull them out.  He also loves putting his Sophie and other chew toys in {haha do you even call baby toys chew toys?!}.

photo 1_4

Winston Kennedy, you are our joy.  Thank you for being the sweetest, easiest baby ever.  God knew that I was afraid to transition to two kids, and so He gave me you!  Your sweet personality, constant smiles and giggles, and contentment amazes me daily. I am so excited to continue watching you grow up.  And I am SO thankful you have the BEST big brother ever to look up to while you do so.  Love you baby boy.

Getting A New Sofa!!!

Friends, I am SO stinkin excited that we are finally in the process of getting a new sofa!  Our journey of sofas has been a long one.  It started with a sofa from Pruitts Furniture {yep- you read that right!} that was in their ‘defective pile’.  It was everything you imagine a brown microfiber sofa to be.  Then we went and got a gingham style one off of Craigslist when we first moved in to our first house.  We realized that it went with approximately 2% of our other decor, so it didn’t last long.  Then we had the genius idea to get a classic white sofa from Ikea.  While it looked nice, those slipcovers stayed white for about 5 minutes with having our two dogs.  Then we got the sofa we are currently still using.  Its from Copenhagen.  We bought it off of our friends, and it has been awesome for the past 4 1/2 years.

sofa in the old house- see more old house photos here

But now, oh now we are getting our dream sofa!  We were able to completely customize this baby, down to the very last detail!

We searched forever online to find exactly what we were looking for, and when nothing came up {under $15,000 at least!} we knew we needed to find a custom sofa company to get what we wanted.  We found Monarch Sofas and have been in love with them ever since!

While they may be completely annoyed with my 2.5 billion emails back and forth, they have never once showed it {thank you Eva, Cat, and Catie!}.  We were able to choose the size, shape, materials, filling, legs, everything.  It has been so fun being able to be creative with something that we know we will not only use daily, but love for years and years to come.

This is the sofa we went with, before all the modifications we made.  We love the look of the Kenzie!


We still have about 1 1/2 months till we get it, but I will keep you guys posted on the progress, and how we went about choosing all the details! So excited!

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