Laundry Room Makeover

If you have been reading our blog for awhile now, you know that no room in our home is totally normal. They each have their own little quirk, whether it be a DIYed piece of furniture in it, or the shape itself of them room. Our laundry is no different. I’ll show you what I mean:

This laundry room is about 5x as big as the original laundry in our house. When we did the kitchen makeover we made sure to make the new laundry room bigger. I loved the thought of being able to fold clothes under a chandelier. To be able to move around and not feel as though I was trapped in some terrible torture chamber, slaving away over the washer/dryer. Although, I love our front loader washer and dryer so much I would even be ok with being trapped with them:) To see how we chose them read here

And see that cute little yellow sink? Oh ya, my hot hubby made that for me. I am such a sucker for vintage sinks, and especially the one we got. At first we were going to try and find a vintage cabinet on Craigslist and mount the sink on top of it, but had no luck with that search. Then J, being the saint that he is, decided he would just try to make one. Sure enough, thats how I got my yellow cabinet {tutorial here}. I made the little fabric cover for it too, which means it was the worlds easiest sewing project, because I am no good at sewing.

All above photos Melissa Young Photography

The rack on the wall {that I had talked about here} is so perfect for hanging wet clothes on. We initially thought we would nail one half of it to the wall, and have the other half fold down, but then I realized I could actually hang hangers off it just as is. Hooray for $5 fixes! Also, that off-white cabinet in the other corner, its my fave. Details on that here. The paint color we used is the same one we used throughout the rest of the house {main rooms at least}, Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey. In our opinion, it is the most perfect soft grey there is! The floor in the laundry room is the same flooring in our bathroom, and I love it. And of course we added base boards to the room, because what would a room be without any moulding?!

That does it friends! I truly hope you like the laundry room and that comes with it. Keep in mind we will be adding something above the sink, whether it be art or something different. No room is ever truly finished in this home of ours, but thats the way we like it:)



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    love your laundry room. funny i have the same floor and a stacked washer and dryer ;). i lust after your sink looked and looked could not find one soooooo i had a small wooden table [$10.00] and used a galvanized tub i got from home depot for $13.00. a mounted wall faucet also galvanized in color and i was good to go.

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    I love your sink!! So big and roomy – I picture myself bathing babies in there 🙂
    I have a rack like the one on your wall, but I hung it on the ceiling beams to hang hangers off of. Love the whole look! Great Job!


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    Oh wow I love your laundry room! I would love to have a front load washer & drier stacked like that but we rent right now, so I have to deal with what we’ve got. Our room is super tiny like that too though. I really love the rack on the wall. I may try to reproduce that. Thanks for the inspiration! Great job!

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